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Nataliia Zaiets

COO & Partner

Natalia is a serial entrepreneur and consultant of various IT businesses. In the OmiSoft company, he holds the position of COO, and is responsible for the company's operational activities and process settings.

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Latest posts by Nataliia Zaiets

App Like Signal
Messaging App Development: How To Make a Messaging App Like Signal?

How to Make a Secure Messaging App Like Signal?  In the second quarter of 2023, mobile messaging app Signal registered almost 3.74 million downloads worldwide. Today, there’s a growing need for safe and secure ways of communication and apps like Signal are in high demand. In this article, we’ll talk about features that are necessary to build such an app...

Nataliia Zaiets

4 min read

ChatGPT Companies on The Manifest
Omisoft: Top-Rated ChatGPT Company on The Manifest

OmiSoft: Top Reviewed ChatGPT Integration Company on The Manifest We are OmiSoft, a chatGPT development company at the forefront of innovation. Our core focus lies in the realms of AI and Blockchain development, where we craft cutting-edge solutions to empower businesses in an ever-evolving digital landscape. As a company committed to excellence, we're proud to share our recent recognition from...

Nataliia Zaiets

5 min read

CRM System
CRM Software Development—Your Chance To Scale Your Business

Are you tired of handling your customer relationships with outdated and ineffective methods? Look no further than CRM software development services to help you scale up your business. Our team of CRM software developers has seen firsthand how CRM systems have transformed businesses of all sizes. In this article, we'll provide you with professional insights on how Custom CRM software...

Nataliia Zaiets

6 min read

Healthcare App
Build A Successful Healthcare App: Popularity, Price And Future

Mobile app development services for healthcare have seen tremendous popularity in the last couple of years.  This was influenced by many different factors, and especially the times of Covid-19. Digitalization of medicine is a real revolution in healthcare. Patients have access to a wealth of information and a range of medical and healthcare facilities with one touch of their mobile...

Nataliia Zaiets

12 min read

Dating App
Secrets And Details: How To Create A Successful Dating App?

Сreating a dating app may seem complicated and confusing if this is your first experience in this business. However, there are professional companies that can help you organize and launch a successful dating campaign.  If you have landed on this article, chances are you are considering participating in such a process. From the very beginning, you should understand that developing...

Nataliia Zaiets

5 min read

Write a Request Proposal For Software Development Like A Pro | OmiSoft
Write a Request Proposal For Software Development Like A Pro

Business people are spending billions of dollars on professional dedicated software development services. As of now, the IT professional service market is estimated at 777.28 billion, and it is expected to grow by 11.2% by 2030. As you can see there is quite a lot of money at stake, which makes IT companies value their time in making a robust...

Nataliia Zaiets

7 min read

Hiring Dedicated Development Team vs Solo Developers | OmiSoft
Dedicated IT Team — Pros & Cons From the Business Perspective

Global rates for outsourcing specialists are growing at rapid fire. In five years software outsourcing will grow almost 8%, taking the industry to over $900 billion, according to the latest stats. It makes many companies want to hire dedicated development teams or outsourced solo specialists from tech companies in Germany. But who is better? Read on and get the answer...

Nataliia Zaiets

8 min read

Software Outsourcing vs Product Development Team – What suits you? | OmiSoft
Software Outsourcing vs Product Development Team – What Suits You?

Have a mind-blowing idea for a new product and want to find your dream team to make it live? To present a new product or service to the world you need specialists from all areas of full-cycle product development, who can put your great ideas into action. Building a dedicated software team is a rather challenging process, that can be...

Nataliia Zaiets

7 min read