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Frequently asked questions

What is your Pancake Lottery Script?

Our Pancake Lottery Script is a robust ready-made white-label solution designed to facilitate the creation and management of blockchain-based lottery systems. We can easily cover the creation and customization of the solution, so you have time for marketing your product.

What's the cost of the white-label crypto lottery development?

We have three price offers:
Basic Package - $5,000 first payment and 2% of revenue. For these funds, the solution will be adapted for you and deployed on your server. Product maintenance will be free.
NoFee Package - $20,000 first payment and $2,000 per year for maintenance. Suitable if you have a large community and there will be many users from the start.
Special Offer - $0, If you have a large community and you are looking for a technological partner in the share - this option may be useful for you. We provide CTO and team as our investment.

How much time do you need to make a blockchain lottery?

Since this is a White-Label solution, its development and launch take 3-4 times less time than when developing it from scratch.
You will receive a ready-made solution in less than a month.

What are the main features of OmiSoft’s white-label crypto lottery?

The key features of our blockchain lottery include an easy-to-use UX and mobile-friendly interface, multichain support, token creation, a convenient admin panel for system management, and flexible rule setting.

How much does product maintenance cost?

Basic Package maintenance is free, and NoFee Package maintenance costs $2,000 per year.

Is the Payment Gateway included in the Crypto Lottery?

No, as it requires a license. If you have the appropriate license, we can add this functionality for an additional fee by integrating with the bank or payment gateway you need.

Can we host the product on our server?

Yes, we can configure CI/CD so that all updates are automatically deployed to your server.

What kinds of networks does your Pancake Lottery Script work with?

Our Pancake Lottery Script is compatible with multiple blockchain networks, including Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Polygon (Matic), Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Optimism. If you have a specific network in mind, please let us know, and we'll be happy to discuss compatibility and customization options.