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We were impressed the most by the willingness and ability of the OmiSoft team to suggest the development decisions that turned out to be very successful. They showed that they were interested in making the best product possible.


Galyna Vozna,

COO of Aurora Gaming

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Their developers were engaged in our project and came to us with ideas to improve the technical part of the project.



Glucose Monitoring Startup

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We liked the creative approach from the team. They offered ideas for optimization and shared internal expertise on the product itself. Since Omisoft has rich experience with educational projects, it helped us a lot and saved a lot of hours.


Ed Nazarenko,

COO of the Uppeople School

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What we do?

Custom Language Model Creation

The GPT fine-tuning development service offers bespoke solutions by creating custom language models tailored to specific client needs. This service enables businesses to harness the power of GPT technology in a way that aligns precisely with their unique linguistic requirements and objectives.

Industry-Specific Language Models

Tailoring GPT models for industry-specific applications, this service ensures that businesses can leverage the advantages of fine-tuned language models in fields such as finance, technology, or law. The result is a specialized language model that understands and generates content relevant to a particular industry's nuances and terminology.

Chatbot Development

Employing GPT fine-tuning, this service facilitates the creation of highly effective and context-aware chatbots. These chatbots can understand and respond to user queries with a level of sophistication that goes beyond generic models, providing businesses with a powerful tool for enhancing customer interactions and automating various aspects of communication.

Medical Text Understanding

Specializing in the healthcare domain, the GPT fine-tuning service for medical text understanding ensures that language models can comprehend and generate medical content accurately. This is crucial for applications ranging from clinical documentation to medical literature analysis, contributing to improved efficiency and precision in healthcare-related tasks.

Conversational Agents for Specific Domains

This service focuses on developing conversational agents fine-tuned for specific domains, enhancing their ability to engage in meaningful and contextually relevant conversations. Whether deployed in customer support or internal processes, these domain-specific conversational agents offer a tailored approach to communication, optimizing user experience and task efficiency.

How we operate?

Product Manager

Dedicated Development Team for GPT Fine-Tuning

Explore the capabilities of our dedicated development team specializing in GPT fine-tuning. Our software development company boasts a team of experts renowned for their profound knowledge in utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to craft exceptional solutions and services, with a primary focus on GPT fine-tuning development.


Augmented Team for GPT Fine-Tuning

Unlock the true potential of your project by partnering with our elite team augmentation service, your trusted ally in GPT fine-tuning development. Seamlessly integrate our seasoned developers into your existing team, harnessing their expertise to boost productivity and transform your vision for AI language models into reality.

CTO as Service

Outsourcing Software Engagement Models for GPT Fine-Tuning

Streamline your software development process with our customized outsourcing software engagement models. Onboard skilled developers adept at harnessing innovation and efficiency for GPT fine-tuning. Ensure smooth project execution and deliver exceptional results. Hire a GPT fine-tuning developer today to accelerate your journey in AI language model development.


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Frequently asked questions

What is GPT fine-tuning?

GPT fine-tuning is the process of customizing a pre-trained GPT model to improve its performance on a specific task or domain. This involves providing the model with a dataset of relevant training data and adjusting its parameters to optimize its ability to generate outputs that are aligned with the desired task or domain.

How long does it take to fine-tune GPT for my specific use case?

The amount of time it takes to fine-tune GPT will vary depending on the complexity of your use case, the amount of data you need to train the model on, and the desired performance of the model. In general, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to fine-tune GPT for a specific use case.

What are the technical requirements for fine-tuning GPT?

To fine-tune GPT, you will need a computer with a powerful GPU and a large amount of RAM. You will also need to have some experience with machine learning and programming. OpenAI provides a variety of resources to help you get started with fine-tuning GPT.

How can I ensure that my fine-tuned GPT model is safe and unbiased?

OpenAI provides a variety of tools and resources to help you ensure that your fine-tuned GPT model is safe and unbiased. These tools include a moderation API and a GPT-powered moderation system. You can also use human review to help identify and mitigate potential biases in your fine-tuned model.

How can I measure the success of my fine-tuned GPT model?

The success of your fine-tuned GPT model will depend on your specific use case. However, there are a number of metrics that you can use to measure the performance of your model, such as accuracy, precision, recall, and F1 score. You can also use human evaluation to assess the quality of your model's outputs.

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