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SAP Case Study: Custom Solution for eCommerce Business


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Project Overview


Industry: E-commerce

Client Location: usa USA


To overcome these issues, our SAP Hybris developers established a robust CI/CD pipeline, conducted nightly builds, meticulously handled data migration, and provided continuous support. This approach ensured a seamless upgrade to SAP Hybris.

Pain points / challenge:

The client's reliance on an outdated SAP Hybris version posed challenges, impacting online shopping performance, scalability, and customer satisfaction. Migrating critical data without loss during the upgrade while ensuring uninterrupted operations added complexity.

Services used:

Business Challenge


Main Challenge

The client, a prominent e-commerce company, confronted several pressing challenges that prompted their search for professional assistance. These challenges encompassed an outdated SAP Hybris version hampering their online shopping experience, the need for uninterrupted operations during an upgrade, complex data migration tasks, and the demand for continuous support and bug handling throughout and after the upgrade process.

Outdated SAP Hybris Version

The client’s use of an outdated SAP Hybris version was significantly impeding their capacity to deliver a smooth and satisfying online shopping experience to their customers. This outdated platform’s limitations had a detrimental impact on various aspects of their business, including performance, scalability, and overall user satisfaction. Addressing this challenge became imperative to ensure they could keep pace with evolving customer expectations and maintain a competitive edge in the e-commerce market.

Data Migration

The complex challenge of data migration loomed large, given the client’s extensive historical records of transactional and customer data. Safely transferring these vast volumes of critical information to the new system without encountering data loss or corruption was of paramount importance. It required meticulous planning, advanced data migration strategies, and rigorous testing to ensure a seamless transition without compromising data integrity.

Support and Bug Handling

In addition to the platform upgrade, the client sought a partner capable of delivering ongoing support and adeptly addressing unforeseen challenges, such as bugs or issues that might emerge during and after the upgrade process. This continuous support was deemed crucial to ensure the long-term stability and optimal performance of their revamped system, aligning with their commitment to delivering a seamless customer experience.

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In the beginning

To effectively tackle the client’s challenges, As SAP development company, we assembled a dedicated team of SAP Hybris developers and implemented a comprehensive solution. The core strategies employed included Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and Nightly Builds to streamline the development, testing, and deployment processes.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

We established a robust CI/CD pipeline, ensuring that development, testing, and deployment occurred seamlessly and swiftly. This proactive approach significantly minimized the risk of disruptions to the client’s ongoing operations. By adopting CI/CD principles, we created an agile development environment that allowed for efficient adjustments and enhancements to the upgraded SAP Hybris platform.

Data Migration

The task of migrating years’ worth of data was a complex and critical challenge. We executed a meticulous data migration plan to seamlessly transfer data from the legacy system to the upgraded SAP Hybris platform. Data integrity and security were of paramount concern throughout the process, ensuring that critical customer and transaction data remained intact and protected.

Support and Bug Handling

Our team provided continuous support throughout the upgrade process. This encompassed promptly addressing any bugs or issues that arose, minimizing downtime and disruptions to the client’s operations. Our proactive stance towards resolving problems ensured a smooth transition and a positive user experience.

Tech Stack used



Hybris Platform

Hybris Platform

Smart Edit

Smart Edit



Business Results

SAP custom development

Our SAP custom development team delivered a multitude of positive outcomes for the client’s business:

Firstly, the upgraded SAP Hybris platform significantly boosted overall performance. This translated into faster page load times, smoother transactions, and an overall enhanced customer experience. The platform’s newfound scalability allowed the client to handle increased traffic and transaction volumes effortlessly, without any performance degradation.


The seamless transition to the upgraded platform led to increased customer satisfaction, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates. This improvement in user experience resulted in a more engaged and loyal customer base.

Furthermore, our meticulous execution of the data migration process ensured the preservation of critical customer and transaction data without any loss or corruption. This safeguarded the integrity of their valuable information. Additionally, our ongoing support played a pivotal role in swiftly addressing post-upgrade issues, minimizing disruptions to the client’s operations. These combined results underscore the success of our partnership and set the stage for continued growth and development in the client’s business.



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