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20 %

growth in sales

50 %

increase in site speed

10 %

increase in customer satisfaction

3 weeks

for project development

Project Overview


Industry: E-commerce, Health & Wellness

Client Location: Germany-flag Germany


Our Vue Storefront development company provided a headless front-end platform that boosted speed, flexibility, and scalability

Pain points / challenge:

Smooth integration with existing back-end system and getting a competitive edge in the fast-growing health and wellness market in a short timeframe

Services used:

Business Challenge


Main Challenge

Just imagine the scenario of a rapidly expanding health and wellness brand that has gained significant traction since 2018 but is facing limitations due to a slow and inefficient website. And therefore comes frustration, as the business is facing a decline in its market competitiveness. That’s what our client came to us with and that’s where our main challenges started.

Need for Frontend Solution

Also, due to the constant expansion of the health and wellness industry, scalability added a new layer of challenge to the future solution as well as the short timeframe for the project. To get that competitive edge, it was important to implement a dynamic front-end solution that not only optimized performance but also seamlessly worked with the client’s already existing backend system.

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In the beginning

Going for Vue Storefront Magento 2 was the ultimate solution to address the client’s challenges. It’s like a performance enhancer, a web-based acrobat, and an expert in seamless integration, all combined into a single solution. We specifically provided Vue Storefront development services, as the framework allowed us to create a cutting-edge front-end solution with amazing speed, great adaptability, and impressive scalability, making it the equivalent of a high-performance Ferrari in the world of web development.

How has our dedicated Storefront team addressed the challenges?

  • Flexibility. Because Vue Storefront Magento is headless we were able to adapt and develop without disrupting the existing back-end infrastructure. With this new freedom, we were able to make quick front-end upgrades and enhance user experience.
  • Speed. The Vue Storefront Magento development along with performance optimization approaches (lazy loading and code splitting), resulted in a 50% boost in page speed for the client. This upgrade improved the user experience a lot and increased conversion rates.
  • Scalability. The scalable design of Vue Store Front offered the reliability and capacity required for the client’s fast growth, guaranteeing that their site could manage rising levels of visitors without any issues.

All of the challenges our client faced were successfully covered with professional Vue Storefront Magento development by our web dev team.

Tech Stack used

Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront





PayPal API

PayPal API

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Business Results

Our client has reaped several advantages after using the OmiSoft Storefront development service, including:

  • Increased page speed. The client’s page speed has increased by 50%, providing a dramatically enhanced user experience and increasing conversion rates.
  • Better sales. Sales have increased by 20% since the deployment This increase may be attributed to StoreFront Vue’s better user experience, faster page performance, and frictionless checkout procedure.
  • Customer satisfaction. As a result of the better user experience and Vue Storefront’s easy product discovery tools, customer satisfaction has increased by 10%.

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