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A Global Empathetic Mental Health App: Leveraging AI for Personalized Emotional Support

AI mental health list

$ 20000

investments attracted at the MVP stage

15 countries

with current product availability

2 people

in the development and support team

2 months

for MVP development

Project Overview

AI mental health 2

Industry:  Health & Wellness

Client Location: Denmark Denmark


Creating AI-driven Mental Health App that uses Natural Language Processing and ChatGPT API to provide empathetic and tailored guidance, ensuring global accessibility while adapting responses to users' emotional nuances.

Pain points / challenge:

Extending client’s mental health services globally with limited specialists, necessitating a scalable solution that could offer personalized support across diverse emotional states.

Services used:

Business Challenge

AI mental health 3

Taking business online

The client faced a pivotal challenge in extending their services to a global audience. With a limited number of specialists, they recognized the need for a scalable solution that could efficiently cater to a larger clientele. As they aimed to transition their business online, they grappled with the pressing issue of ensuring personalized and effective mental health support to a diverse user base. To address this, they sought out a technology partner capable of developing a chatbot using machine learning that could emulate human interactions and provide insightful advice across different emotional states and concerns.

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In the beginning

To address the private clinic’s challenges and facilitate global expansion, OmiSoft started developing a chatbot using machine learning:

  • Developed user-friendly frontend using React Native for  cross-platform compatibility.
  • Designed an intuitive interface for seamless user interactions and input capture.


  • Utilized Google Cloud Functions for serverless  backend functions, handling user data and API calls.
  • Enabled emotional analysis through sentiment analysis and  keyword extraction.
  • Integrated Firebase for secure user authentication, data storage, and state management.
  • Processed user inputs to discern emotional states and key themes.

Further Enhancement

  • Established a feedback loop for the app to learn and improve over time from user interactions.
  • Enhanced AI model’s ability to understand emotional nuances and provide better responses.
  • Implemented robust encryption mechanisms to safeguard user data.
  • Ensured compliance with data protection regulations and secure data storage on Firebase.
  • Utilized Google Cloud Functions and Firebase for a scalable backend infrastructure.
  • Designed the app to be easily localized for diverse languages and cultural contexts.

Tech Stack used


Firebase Services


React Native






Google Cloud

Business Results

Results of Product Development

As the development process unfolds, the private clinic is on the cusp of realizing a transformative solution that directly addresses their challenges while capitalizing on their needs. With the creating an MVP version, promising outcomes are anticipated.

Global Reach

The clinic’s aspiration to expand its services globally is within reach, thanks to the scalable nature of the app. The MVP version’s launch marks the initial step towards catering to a wider audience and fulfilling their ambition of extending mental health support across borders.

Personalized Mental Health Support

The app’s AI-driven capabilities, fueled by Natural Language Processing and the ChatGPT API, promise to deliver empathetic and relevant responses. This personalized guidance caters to users’ distinct emotional states and concerns, aligning seamlessly with the clinic’s mission to offer tailored support.

User-Centric Approach

By focusing on refining the user experience through the MVP app development, the clinic stands poised to create an engaging and functional platform. Gathering user feedback during this phase will enable iterative improvements, ensuring the final solution is both intuitive and valuable.

AI Chabot Implementation

As the MVP version takes its initial steps, the private clinic is positioned to experience the transformative impact of the AI solution development, aligning perfectly with their mission to provide meaningful mental health support to a global user base.

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