Secrets And Details: How To Create A Successful Dating App?

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Сreating a dating app may seem complicated and confusing if this is your first experience in this business. However, there are professional companies that can help you organize and launch a successful dating campaign. 

If you have landed on this article, chances are you are considering participating in such a process. From the very beginning, you should understand that developing a successful dating platform from scratch will be quite expensive. Of course, the amount will depend on the project and its goals.  

The period of time to attract the target audience is often considered long enough to attract the public’s attention, but short enough so that the public does not forget about the project.

In order to navigate through this confusion, we have prepared a best checklist that will definitely help you launch your own successful dating application like Tinder. Stay with us!

Dating app: development team

The most important thing is to consider the location of the development dating team you want to hire for your project.  If it is the U.S. or Western Europe, take double the cost of the application. Eastern European developers can do the same, but you’ll save money. 

If you want to create a good and solicited dating app, your team should consist of:

  • 1 – UI/UX designer;
  •  2 – Backend developers;
  • 2 – iOS developers;
  • 2 – Android developers;
  • 1 – Project Manager;
  •  1 or 2 quality assurance engineers.

Having memorized the composition of your business dream team, let’s see the cost of developing your product.

How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

The cost, for example, of an app like the dating industry leader, Tinder, depends on the complexity of its functionality and the development team you choose.  The approximate cost of an iOS or Android app will range from $50,000 to $60,000, based on an average hourly rate of $35-40 in Eastern Europe.  If you have plans to create a dating app for both popular platforms at the same time, get ready for your budget to exceed $100,000. However, don’t worry! Given that, our team of professionals has extensive experience in developing such applications, we offer you a much more pleasant amount.

To get a better idea of where these figures for the development of such an application come from, let’s take a look at the cost of making a dating app… 

Criterions Cost
Discovery Phase $3000-$4000
UI/UX Design $5000-$10000
Development & Testing (Mobile Applications & Back End side) $60.000-$90.000 $60.000-$90.000
Final amount $68000-$104000

These are averaged calculations for the market, but if you are looking for an agency that already has experience with similar applications, then the price will be lower and the chances of success will be much higher. Reminder! Don’t forget about the further support of the application, usually in such applications it is $1000-2000 per month if we only have support, or more if we continue to add new features. After planning your costs, you can directly start developing the application itself.

What functionality should be in a dating application?

In this section, we will describe the most important functionality that should be in your application if you want to succeed in the field of dating… 

  • Registration/Login/User profile

Registering or logging in is a basic and unavoidable feature in all dating apps like Tinder. It can be made more convenient for users, for example: registration through Google accounts. The most common way is the contact number. You will get 100% more attention if you add login from any social network.

Don’t forget! Adding a social media profile significantly increases your app’s user authenticity rating.

  • Communication

The word communication means the presence of a chat function. Immediately after a swipe, users are interested in the other person and want to know every little thing about him/her. Chat to understand whether there will be a continuation of the date or not?

Messaging is at the heart of apps like Tinder. It is important to know! For dating apps, it is not enough to introduce chat features, it is worth introducing some additional and advanced chat features to provide a better chat experience.

  • Geolocation

Geolocation is an important factor in dating apps. They help to make the use more convenient and to search for partners “nearby”, and then virtual and real meetings become easier. This increases the interest of the target audience.

  • Notification

When users will receive notifications about likes, super likes, interesting offers about a couple, messages – this will interest them and they will always be aware of events.

It is worth making a quick button to enable or disable notifications, so that it makes the use more efficient.

  • Personal calendar

Creating a convenient calendar of events, and possibly dates, will be useful to users, and especially to those who are afraid to miss and lose the plan of their dating pipeline.

  • Pair selection

The selection of a couple is based on chosen interests, appearance characteristics, location. The selected option does not always suit the user even according to all the specified criteria, and therefore there are two sides of the swipe – green – like, red – rejection, which makes it too convenient to use.

  • Security

The purpose of personal security is to protect the privacy of users who frequently visit different countries (mostly LGBT). Profiles of users belonging to this group will not appear in places where such relationships are unacceptable and where they can get into trouble, because unfortunately not the whole world has reached tolerance. This feature uses the phone’s network connection to determine the user’s location.

Six key steps to create a dating application

Step 1:  Expose the idea

Situation: You are ready to develop a dating app, you already have a ready-made idea and action plan, based on which a unique feature will be developed. The first step in creating a Tinder-like app is to have a clear and vivid vision of the exact goal and align the idea with it, so that the app itself reaches the target audience to ensure optimal experience and effective use. It is important to analyze and refine all the nuances of the idea itself so that you can easily move on to the actual development. 

Step 2:  Competitor Market Analysis

Any project needs to know who it is competing with, to understand those offering services similar to yours. To put it crudely, you are competing for the money of your target customers. Literally against every dating app, which is held at about the same time as yours.

Step 3:  Attractive application design

This step comes after you have decided on the main features and goals of your app. Design will be one of the most important factors to improve the experience of your users – because in this colorful field of search – appearance matters a lot. The first thing is to start by creating a wireframe, then test it and move on to the next step. 

Step 4:  Develop your app

If you have chosen a professional development team, you don’t need to worry at this stage. The developers you work with take care of the process, while you just need to stay online to provide feedback and suggest necessary adjustments or additions if needed.

Step 5:  Test and fix bugs 

It is not possible to release a product into circulation without testing. It is extremely important to test an app like tinder for bugs and any errors, both internal and external so that the user has nothing to complain about.

Step 6:  Launching your product and marketing strategy

After full development and testing, it’s time to think about the promotion strategy and launch your dream app on the dating app market. The quality of development depends on the us – development team. And the rest depends on your marketing skills.

An app  like Tinder: how to make money on such a product?

Developing a dating app is really a huge effort.  We recommend that you search for opportunities to monetize your dating app at the same time as the first step of development. The best ways to make money with the most popular apps like Tinder: 


Advertising  Many brands buy ads specifically on the dating audience for their products. Such advertising becomes a great source of revenue for your dating app business.
Subscription  In such apps, you can purchase extra features for a great date, and then, it will bring more users! Dating apps, like Tinder, have several types of plans and subscriptions based on price and features, where you can make profits with interesting and innovative features that are in higher demand, and your target users can only access it after subscribing to it.
User purchases  For even more interesting and vivid conversations, users have the opportunity to buy even cooler emojis and stickers. And this is a great chance to earn more through the integration of additional emojis, stickers, etc.
Gifts Users can buy gifts from the app itself, which will create more revenue opportunities. This process is done through integration with online merchants or by creating your own online store.


Developing a top app similar to Tinder is not that easy. We shared with you the algorithm of real success, and it consists of three things: creativity, completeness and convenience of functionality, and product quality. Having started the creation of a dating program, do not deviate from your goals and remember to carefully research competitors on the market before starting work. This item will make your project individual.

Don’t skip the point of testing and debugging your app, because this is responsible for the quality that attracts the attention of your customers, because who wants to use an app with obvious bugs?

Ensuring the iron security of users is one of the most important functional features of the dating application. Choose and plan only effective marketing strategies to enter the market with “super likes” from your target audience.

The most important factor in the quality of a dating app is the right selection of the development team! Choose only the best development specialists – OmiSoft. We will help you create a powerful dating app that will capture the hearts of many users and bring you good profits.

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