Ideas For Online Learning Applications In 2023: Prospects, Opportunities And Benefits

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online learning applications

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 The digital world is stepping forward every day. How many unique concepts of learning app has already appeared and how many more will appear… Such changes are due to the growing demand for distance learning and change not only for students but also teachers. The “trend” for all this was set most of all by Covid-19 and all its quarantine measures. 

Web application development is really at the top of the market now. However, keep in mind that designing and developing a unique web is not easy. This process requires creativity and efficiency, thinking outside the box, and a fresh perspective on learning.

Looking to enter the lucrative field of e-learning platforms? Don’t know where to start and how to generate an idea that will “shoot”? Don’t worry, there is always a way out. In this article, we have selected the best ideas for web applications that will gain resounding popularity in 2023. However, before we move on to the ideas, we suggest delving into the basics of web applications.

Why are educational applications a priority?

Educational apps impact the lives of both students and educators, and it is becoming a must-have even in the post-COVID-19 era and all its quarantines.
All online learning platforms allow you to flexibly choose certification courses from different educational institutions, making it easier to get an education abroad remotely.  

The demand for mobile app development for e-learning is constantly growing – a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years. And so mobile developers are preparing for the rush. By now, there are definitely more than a hundred, and possibly thousands of new ideas for student apps around a single concept, or you can combine several ideas to create a full-fledged platform. 

The use of mobile web development, whether for a ready-made business, startup or just your fictional idea, will only benefit you, because it will improve the quality of your product, increase the demand for it, as well as the convenience for users.  

Apps that make studying exciting

Have plans to create your own educational app? Before that, you should definitely analyze the profitable and simple app ideas that we have provided in this article.

Your target audience (teachers and students) will get better resources that they will use with benefit and desire, and you will already be one step ahead in the digital world. Go for it! 

Question-and-answer apps Create a platform where students can post questions and answers by sections/topics/subjects using e learning app. Include a quiz function for students to practice their subject skills, and an image recognition function would also be appropriate: with photos to increase usability.
Language learning app Such a product will definitely be useful to many people. 

Great software for students who want to learn a new language online. They will be able to spend time learning a variety of world languages and vocabulary with the help of interesting tasks in a game format, spending a minimum of their time.

Application for career guidance Often students do not know which career path they want to follow…

However, you can easily help them with this with competent professional help with a personalized approach. A career counseling app can help them make the right decision to develop their desired profession and succeed in it.

Ebook reader app Of course, there are already many such projects, but we suggest adding cool options to the usual digital libraries. For example, an introduction to the book (audio or material) or a chat to discuss the read/listened books. The ability to download books and read them offline. 
Personal tutor app (searchable) This product will allow children and their parents to easily find a tutor for the required subject. There will be a rich choice of lists under convenient conditions to find the one with whom they will be most comfortable.  The additional features you can add can definitely change its usability.
Electronic grade book and attendance tracking   Such electronic journals will help parents to monitor the attendance of their children and their progress. It will also make life easier for teachers, who will be able to automatically calculate the average grade for the semester/year. It will be effective to add a “homework” option so that children do not get lost and always know where they can easily find it, instead of calling the whole class and asking “What was assigned in math?”.
Exam preparation app  It is difficult to prepare for a difficult exam without the right material. First, students should assess themselves by taking a test, and then find the appropriate program and reference literature from various online resources.
App for preschoolers Such products will be useful for children to prepare for entering the formal education system. Learning is a natural part of a child’s life. Apps for preschoolers allow parents to educate their children at a lower cost.

Top 3 e-learning app ideas for your startup in 2023

Assistive applications for children with disabilities

If you create this product, you will start a good deed, it will be able to create a reliable service for people with disabilities, which will allow them to stand side by side with their normal peers in matters of education. 

Market demand

Many students with disabilities do have learning problems (from dyslexia to autism). Unfortunately, despite the rapid development, the market is still not sufficiently saturated with products aimed at helping such students. 

Application with school psychologists

This product will be created for children or teenagers who have worries, disputes with parents, unwillingness to study, and other problems that they can not solve on their own or need to tell someone, not their friends. A very important problem to solve will be school bullying. This app will receive special attention from high school students who are beginning to build relationships.

Among the functionality: 

  • it will be appropriate to make two formats of communication – anonymous (under the anonymous name of the student) and the usual one with an open name;
  • a plus will be the ability to communicate in a video call, not just in writing; 
  • the “insights” button for students so that they can record insights from each conversation and not forget about them; 
  • folders with cases sorted by names and surnames, which are available only to school psychologists to be in touch with the person who is applying.

Educational application based on augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) educational software empowers instructors to teach, explain and reinforce a topic with a more hands-on and demonstrative experience.

It is easy for them to provide a 3D view of the educational application to engage their students and help them learn scientific topics and various activities in a more realistic way.

Many developers today can create a variety of AR-based applications, including for Android and iOS.

Trends in E-learning App Development 

Name of trend Overview
Microlearning Microlearning is a novelty in education that focuses on breaking down large amounts of information into small blocks. Nowadays, attention spans are getting shorter, and this is a good option to somehow catch it.  We can say this process works as information filtering. Constructing a student’s conceptual knowledge is a highly effective strategy.  

This approach has already taken root in the virtual classroom of the best schools to engage their students.  Also, the microlearning method will help students recover learning and academic losses because it helps in student understanding.  

Adaptive technologies  This technology even enables children with disabilities to effectively participate in education, just like normal children. They can study at their own discretion and in their own time and use appropriate assistance according to their specific health needs.
Game-based learning Gamified learning is the hottest trend! It has already gained a lot of love as a viable option to increase student engagement and is gaining more and more popularity in the world. Children perceive learning as a cool element of entertainment, which makes it even more effective and desirable. This method can bring the most difficult and boring subjects to life.  
Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the last few years.  Due to globalization and remote work, algorithms can help organizations in organizing e-learning courses to meet the unique needs of different learners. Such algorithms identify necessary skills and fill talent gaps if they provide personalized experiences and recommendations based on user feedback.
Virtual Reality The ability of virtual reality (VR) to allow learners to visit different realities and transform their learning experience. Students can participate in hands-on e-learning courses where they interact with virtual objects and learn concepts in simulated low-risk situations. These revolutionary technologies can improve the skills and productivity of scientific and technical work, offer medical simulations including virtual surgeries, and impact the processes and outcomes of research and development in the manufacturing industry.
Mobile app Mobile apps started to spread even more in 2019, when the Covid-19 started. They have become a massive trend in a few years and will continue to hold their position in 2013, allowing students to learn at their own pace in an environment uniquely tailored to their own needs. Online learning platforms with valuable features that are sure to capture the attention of students and become their real assistant.  

The final thoughts

We hope this article has inspired you and you managed to find your own effective idea for an educational app that will take off in the market. We have dived into the main question: how do e-learning trends affect traditional educational methods? E learning app offers great scalability, which is useful when it comes to organizing online learning. And also, thanks to e-learning, each student can receive the same type or even individual curriculum, training materials, and instructions, they can even be in the format of a game! And you can save time by contacting us – the Omisoft dedicated software team – with your explosive idea for an educational application. Write to us  for a free consultation! 

We are waiting for you.

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