How Much Does It Cost To Make An App in 2023?

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How Much Does It Cost To Make An App in 2022?

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When you have an idea or need to implement a mobile or web app, the hardest thing is to decide where to start. Most people begin by trying to understand how much money they need, to make the idea happen because want it or not, the financial side of the project development can be a deal-breaker to many.

But how to know how much does it cost to make an app if you have never done that before? In order to find out the real price for mobile app cross-platform development in 2022, it is not enough to send a similar version of what you want to develop to the dev house and write: The mobile cross-platform app development itself includes the following stages:

Guys, I need the same app. How much will it cost?

Well, your message can start like that, but don’t expect to get your numbers in the next message, but be flooded by additional questions. So, let’s dive into how projects are estimated to find exactly how much you need to develop your app.

How to Calculate Product Costs

To better understand what makes the final cost of an app, it is important to know the full life cycle of product development, which usually looks like this:

Idea generation, as well as idea screening, is as a rule what a founder of the product is responsible for. The development itself includes the following stages:

Concept development Helps to test your idea with Target Audience (TA) as cheaply as possible.
Discovery Phase If your TA likes the idea, specialists from German software companies like ours start the discovery phase. Its result is technical documentation that allows software development companies to estimate the time and cost of the product.
MVP Development Implementation of the minimum viable first version of the product. The sooner the product enters the market, the greater the chances of success.
Development of the full version After the MVP, preferably in separate iterations, we finalize the rest of the necessary functionality to meet your needs and bring the app to its full potential.
Product support After the development is finished, it is important to have constant support for the product. Why? The professional support team will fix bugs, add support for new versions of browsers, and mobile OSs, and help the product deliver the same quality in the long run.

How much does it cost to have an app made?

Of course, there is no universal answer to this question. As it all depends on the scale of the project, and its complexity.

You can feel lucky if 2-4 weeks are enough to implement the first version of your idea, but often it takes around 6-12 months. Therefore, applications are usually divided by complexity:

App Type Time Estimate Cost
Small apps 1-3 months $20,000 to $60,000
Medium apps 3-6 months $60,000 to $150,000
Big apps 6+ months from $150,000

So, what can get a rough price for development?

  1. Understanding the approximate complexity of the app
  2. The cost of work of a development team per month + app design cost
  3. Having a rough time estimate. For example, from 2 to 3 months, or 5+ months.
  4. Setting extra for additional factors

What determines the Cost Of Mobile App Development?

Before creating the mobile or web app some people choose to create a prototype, think their idea through, and go through the functionality to the smallest detail. Doing the prototype is not the only decision that might influence your estimated cost for the project. Here are some main factors to keep in mind:

  • Complexity of design
  • QA phase
  • Number and complexity of features
  • 3rd party integration
  • Security protocols
  • Size, level, country of the development team

At OmiSoft, we follow an iterative estimation process to determine the full price of the app development. To understand how it works, let’s explore some real-life examples.

Sneak peek at some examples

Here at OmiSoft we work with a ton of project evaluations. We divide all of them into types that have a common idea and functionality. Let’s look at some of them:

App Type Estimate Cost Example
Landing for some service & Admin Panel 0,5-1 month $2.500-$5.000
Landing with Blog & Admin Panel 1-1,5 months $5.000-$7.500 Sudoku Pro,
NFT Landing with NFT collection & minting 0,5-1 month $5.000-$10.000 UkraineOnWar
Messenger like WhatsApp 6-12 months $180,000-$360,000 One Signal, DefTalk
CRM for E-commerce 2-5 months $40.000 – $100.000 Airbnb
Tinder-like app 4-6 months $80,000-$120,000 Bumble, Ashley Madison
Taxi App (Uber-like) 4-6 months $80,000-$120,000 Bolt, Lyft, Armor
Retail App 3-5 months $60.000 – $100.000 Shopify, Xero
Telemedicine App 3-5 months $60.000 – $100.000 Telemedicine as a Service , MarpeWellbeing  
Decentralized exchange (IDO) 6-12 months $180,000-$360,000 PancakeSwap, UniSwap
Puzzle Game 2-4 months $40.000 – $80.000 Sudoku Pro
Hidden Object Game 6-9 months $180.000 – $300.000 Mystery Manor

Of course, these are very rough estimates, but they can already give certain reference points. However, it is important to understand that it is not necessary to make a multifunctional product from the very beginning. The mobile or web app development cost of a PoC or MVP will be much less and take much less time.

Average cost of developing an app

To increase the chance of success, it is important to understand that no matter what the price, always budget for more risks in case something goes wrong. This is usually 20-30% of the original estimate. 

Here are a few more professional tips on how to create an app and save a lot of nerve cells:

  • The MVP development budget should not exceed 50% of the entire development cost. Also, it is better when the MVP takes no more than 25-30% of the budget.
  • Use ready-made solutions and services that will help you reduce development costs. It also reduces the risks of something going off.
  • Choose a development team that already has the expertise you need and has developed similar apps. This will greatly reduce the chance of failure.
  • Do not choose services of the development companies who ask significantly below market prices. Usually, it means they don’t have enough experience or will give you a junior-level cross platform mobile app developer. And there are no exceptions here.

Omi Case Study

In the ever-evolving landscape of app development costs, the Care Sport case study serves as an example of custom mobile app development on a constrained budget. With a modest $30,000 product budget, OmiSoft’s Android and iOS mobile app development team faced multifaceted challenges.

Their mission included creating a user-friendly app with Bluetooth-enabled equipment access, ensuring top-tier security, and implementing robust remote troubleshooting, all within a tight three-month timeframe. This endeavor was supported by 12 months of dedicated product support, ensuring continuous improvement and problem-solving. 

A dedicated team of four individuals worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality. The result was a groundbreaking solution that streamlined sports equipment rental, demonstrating the potential of innovative app development in sports technology while adhering to budget constraints.

What elements actually make an app successful?

To successfully create mobile app, you need to understand how much money you need to have for its development and further support. And the best way to get a professional estimate is to ask people who know their jazz. A pro development team can save you nerves and money.

If you need help evaluating your idea, and understanding what budget you should plan for the MVP and the entire product — drop us a line, and our app development specialists will be happy to help.

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