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AI gym app development
Changing Fitness with AI Gym App Development

AI gym app development is a 2024 trend. Imagine a personal trainer who is constantly by your side, leading you through your exercises, providing real-time feedback, and adjusting the intensity in line with your development. That's what AI exercise apps, which can assess a user's goals, preferences, and degree of fitness to provide a customized regimen of workouts, aim to...

Yevhen Sakara

4 min read

Azure Software
Elevate Your Enterprise with Azure Software as a Service

Do you feel like the digital world is changing faster than your company? Accepting change is crucial in the modern technological world. Azure software as a service is your ticket to remaining competitive, and we are here to provide you with an inside look at what it is, why it matters, and how it may help you solve business problems. ...

Yevhen Sakara

5 min read

Customer Loyalty app
Customer Loyalty Software—Business Hit or Miss?

Customer Loyalty Software—Make It Your Secret Weapon Nowadays, people only want to buy from people they know and trust. Loyalty programs are a game that engages the audience to interact with your brand/company/service…you name it. Loyalty apps make playing fun. But customer loyalty software is way more than just collecting points or getting freebies. Here are the business benefits you...

Dmytro Romaniuk

5 min read

AI-powered mobile apps
Mobile Applications: Success Of AI And Their Capabilities

It is hard to imagine a modern business project that does not use mobile apps as a means of promotion. The industry is developing rapidly, and most people who use gadgets and devices spend more and more time in applications. Therefore, the relevance of mobile app development is increasing not only every year but also every month. New mobile applications...

Dmytro Romaniuk

5 min read

Healthcare App
Build A Successful Healthcare App: Popularity, Price And Future

Mobile app development services for healthcare have seen tremendous popularity in the last couple of years.  This was influenced by many different factors, and especially the times of Covid-19. Digitalization of medicine is a real revolution in healthcare. Patients have access to a wealth of information and a range of medical and healthcare facilities with one touch of their mobile...

Nataliia Zaiets

12 min read


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    Pro Mobile App Development 2023—Make An App Like Instagram | OmiSoft
    Pro Mobile App Development 2023—Make An App Like Instagram

    Do people need another Instagram? Looking at such a giant, it’s hard to imagine that the world will accept another social media platform. But we live in a year when people constantly want more, which results in the desire to build a mobile app like Twitter or Facebook.  Some of them, like Tik Tok, become a wild success, while sadly...

    Yevhen Sakara

    10 min read

    Top Cross-Platform App Frameworks To Use In 2022-2023 | OmiSoft
    Top Cross-Platform App Frameworks To Use In 2022-2023

    The majority of modern businesses have long realized that having a custom cross platform mobile app is increasingly more effective in gaining customers than any other channel. But building a web app and choosing the most suitable framework is a long process, especially if you pick mobile app cross-platform development. Though as the world of tech is constantly expanding, and...

    Yevhen Sakara

    15 min read

    How Might We Technique 101—Ultimate HMW Guide | OmiSoft
    How Might We Technique 101—Ultimate HMW Guide

    If you are here, you probably have already heard about the "How Might We" method, also known as HMW in software and mobile cross-platform app development. It can help your startup develop software with the best set of functionality for the target user. HMW technique Recap As the business concept, this method was invented back in the 1970s, but it...

    Yevhen Sakara

    5 min read

    How Much Does It Cost To Make An App in 2022?
    How Much Does It Cost To Make An App in 2023?

    When you have an idea or need to implement a mobile or web app, the hardest thing is to decide where to start. Most people begin by trying to understand how much money they need, to make the idea happen because want it or not, the financial side of the project development can be a deal-breaker to many. But how...

    Yevhen Sakara

    7 min read

    How to successfully launch Mobile Application | OmiSoft
    How to Successfully Launch Mobile App

    Global digitalization boosts the interest of big businesses and startups, as users have downloaded over 200 billion apps in 2021, and there is no shortage of interest in 2021. But any interest creates demand, and therefore a ton of competitors in each niche.  If you hope to create and launch an application overnight, hoping for everything to go well, you...

    Yevhen Sakara

    9 min read