Mobile Applications: Success Of AI And Their Capabilities

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AI-powered mobile apps

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It is hard to imagine a modern business project that does not use mobile apps as a means of promotion. The industry is developing rapidly, and most people who use gadgets and devices spend more and more time in applications.

Therefore, the relevance of mobile app development is increasing not only every year but also every month. New mobile applications appear on the platforms every day.

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  • What is artificial intelligence, and how does it work?
  • AI-powered mobile app development
  • Benefits of AI-powered mobile apps / How does artificial intelligence enhance mobile app development?
  • Integrating AI in mobile apр
  • Future of AI-powered mobile apps
  • Business cases for AI-powered mobile apps

Well, if you’re ready to dive into the world of mobile apps, I don’t dare hold you back!

Аrtificial intelligence, and how does it work

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken over the global industry and forced businesses to turn to this innovative technology to achieve transformational results in terms of productivity. In recent years, the international AI software market has grown dynamically and is projected to reach $126 billion by 2025, a significant increase.

AI has always been essential for the development and sustainable functioning of the mobile app industry. Thanks to the capabilities of artificial intelligence, it has become a major trend in mobile app development, which has caused significant changes in the capabilities of software products.

An AI system is developed by carefully designing human characteristics and capabilities into a computer and applying its computing power and abilities that can surpass human capabilities. 

Let’s take a look at the main technologies that make up the artificial intelligence system:

  • Machine learning studies methods of building algorithms that can learn.
  • Deep learning is a type of ML that teaches a machine to process input data layer by layer and generate a result.
  • Natural language processing is about teaching a computer not only to process but also to recognize natural languages.
  • Computer vision enables computers to understand various elements to draw conclusions from past observations.
  • Cognitive computing algorithms seek to mimic the human brain and strive to produce the desired result.

AI-powered mobile app development

Mobile applications with artificial intelligence have become a smarter way to solve business problems and generate revenue. Personalized user experience, security, optimal design, performance, and versatility are the most important components of a successful app. 

Whether you are developing for iOS or Android, artificial intelligence can fundamentally change the way you think about business. So, let’s take a closer look at how you can use AI technology in your app.

There are 6 key applications of artificial intelligence in mobile apps:

  • Chat automation
  • Digital assistance
  • Security
  • Predictive analytics
  • Object detection
  • Personalization

Businesses from many industries are already benefiting from the use of AI in their mobile apps. Thus, the sooner a company starts using this new technology, the greater the opportunity to achieve competitiveness.

Benefits of AI-powered mobile apps / How does artificial intelligence enhance mobile app development?

The development of AI is constantly improving mobile applications, making them more intelligent. Such applications can be used to model consumer behavior and make informed decisions, which allows companies to obtain information and improve customer experience based on user data. From a formal point of view, AI is used in the development of mobile applications in three areas: data, security, and analytics. 

According to a survey of mobile device users, more than 40% of users would stop using a mobile app if they thought it might be dangerous. Businesses are trying to protect their users’ data as much as possible, so user and business security should be the№1 priority when developing a mobile app.

For example, we can use AI-powered identity features in mobile apps that allow us to verify users. 

The quality and quantity of data your app receives directly affects its success and efficiency. However, you should not overload the system with data. 

Integrating AI in mobile apр

Artificial intelligence software is used to create and develop an intelligent application from scratch using machine and deep learning capabilities. Let us consider several mobile platforms with AI capabilities.

  • Azure – allows you to deploy models in the cloud, locally, and on the edge, рrovides browser-based solutions,еasy to use thanks to the drag-and-drop function.
  • IBM Watson is a system that answers questions. 
  • TensorFlow is a numerical computing tool and an open source system. This ML library is intended mainly for research and production.
  • is used to create virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence for Android and iOS. 
  • converts language files into printed text.
  • Amazon AI is used to understand human speech and image objects through deep machine learning processes. It can be used to host cloud applications, which makes it possible to develop AI-based mobile applications of low complexity.

Clarifai analyzes data using sophisticated and powerful algorithms. It can be called the best choice for developers who intend to invest in artificial intelligence in application development.

Future of AI-powered mobile apps

In 2023, many new developments will significantly impact the mobile app development industry.

Mobile apps are becoming more popular in this area of digital innovation. Many companies are investing in mobile app development with the latest technologies and realize how important mobile apps are.

Let’s consider the current directions of AI mobile app development in the future.

In the future, mobile applications will directly depend on AI. 

Here are examples of how AI is transforming the mobile app industry in terms of user experience:

  • Better dialog with the user, like in our conversational AI for ecommerce
  • Personalization of applications
  • Perfect search service
  • Interactive experience and gaming technologies
  • Increased application reliability

The future of mobile apps with artificial intelligence will grow rapidly in the future. Digitalization is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving depending on new customer needs, technology development, and other factors.

Business cases for AI-powered mobile apps

The case should contain a ready-made solution. It clearly shows how the user’s need is satisfied: the company’s path from the point of the customer’s problem to the point of its elimination.

4 important cases of AI application in mobile app development:

  • Improving user experience through individualized recommendations
  • Counteracting financial fraud through machine learning
  • Application of computer vision for image and video identification
  • Analytics with the help of artificial intelligence

It can be noted that artificial intelligence is used in such areas as trade, medicine, education, lifestyle, healthcare, and many others.

Users are embracing the power of artificial intelligence because the number of tasks they need to solve is growing every day. Automating routine tasks is a good idea. It helps to save the organization’s staff and also contributes to the efficiency of work. 

Companies believe that they need to automate all their daily tasks and think they can do it with a mobile app. 

Intelligent mobile applications are used to track the status of machines and equipment in real time. This data can be used to generate clear information about equipment breakdowns and to better schedule maintenance.


The main question of this topic is: AI in mobile applications can significantly improve the user experience. By applying AI techniques, developers can design apps that are more productive, sophisticated, and personalized to the user.

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