Automation And Business Increased Efficiency With GPT-3: Industries Of Use

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Automation and business increased efficiency with GPT-3: industries of use | OmiSoft

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Launched in 2020, OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model almost instantly became a real sensation in the technology market. Our team OmiSoft couldn’t just pass by this novelty either. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about our discoveries in integrating GPT-3 AI into life. 

Read on to learn about some of the most interesting use cases of GPT-3 by us, our partners, and people from completely different business areas!

Documentation management

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Ask ChatGPT to write your documentation and you won’t regret it, because it usually does a great job – even embedding examples as part of the documentation. 

Documentation often needs to be formal and professional, but to the point and to the point. AI can generate a really high-quality document. When making a request, you should use type constructions: “Explain how it works in a way that even a child can understand.”The big advantage is that with the number of edits, you can quickly generate quite large amounts of documentation without spelling being spoiled.

Customer Service and Support

Our cross-platform developers tested ChatGPT as a support manager. Please note that ChatGPT does not have any special training in customer support, but it is quite possible to build an effective FAQ database to automate a significant part of the answers.  

Here are some of the opportunities for artificial intelligence to improve customer service automation:

  1. Provide potential answers for human review
  2. Speed up the onboarding of new team members
  3. Summarize long conversations and discussions
  4. Categorize and prioritize issues
  5. Control quality

Task description for the team

Every product owner, business analyst, team lead spends a lot of time on a good task description, such as User Stories, Tasks, etc. Often, due to time constraints, this ends up with only highlights and headings without details and clearly written details. This subsequently affects the accuracy of task implementation, which leads to rework, loss of time and money.

ChatGPT can solve this problem. AI integration makes it possible to compose tasks for the team quickly and efficiently.  This was especially useful for the IT industry and its long technical tasks.

Sales and lead generation

ChatGPT is a handy tool for writing emails and promotions. Correspondence is a rather monotonous task that consumes a lot of staff time. ChatGPT facilitates this process by providing up-to-date email templates in formal business language that can be quickly edited to suit your needs.  

As practice shows, our partners to whom we sent emails generated by ChatGPT did not notice this.

Аs another example, chatbot integration to help businesses generate leads by interacting with prospects and collecting contact information.

Automate reviews

Writing reviews for your business is another marketing ploy you can’t do without. Forming an opinion and writing a competent text is a long process. 

ChatGPT’s neural network model can help you automate these tasks. It creates multi-level texts, i.e., those that consist of different levels of detail, and can sketch out structures that are cool to use for fast typing. This will be a particularly useful tool for you if you are not a native English speaker.

So how does GPT3 work? You give a brief but clear query-idea, and the bot writes it down in formal, correct English. Then you can quickly correct this text and the feedback is ready.

On average, it took us 3-4 times less time to write feedback than usual! 


GPT-3 can help you create unique content for your website or blog. Yes, GPT may not understand what it is writing about, but nowadays copywriters are often not very familiar with their topics either, and they make it up as they go along. Of course, it’s too early to use ChatGPT for your corporate blogs, as it makes a lot of inaccuracies or mixes topics, at least without high-quality proofreading. However, you can safely use this artificial intelligence for various Guest Posts.

GPT-3 AI is really smart because it uses hashtags, emojis, quotes, and statistics in its texts. Of course, its texts pass anti-plagiarism checks well. 

Idea generation

Very often, inspiration disappears and imagination shrinks, and a creative crisis sets in. This artificial intelligence can generate ideas on various topics. Of course, most of them are not of a suitable semantic load, but on average, a couple of options out of 20 can be quite rational and relevant. This is a fairly quick brainstorming on any topic in your pocket. ChatGPT can generate thousands of ideas in a few hours.

Of course, there’s a chance that not all of them will make sense, depending on the topic, so don’t get your hopes up. At the same time, ChatGPT is quite good as a story writing assistant, where it can generate ideas for any taste.

Generate titles or slogans

Do you have a problem with titles or slogans? Then ChatGPT will generate hundreds of different ideas for you, and you just have to choose the one you like the most. It will come up with a name or slogan for your project, company, book, etc. Of course, you will only have to choose the most suitable option, as many of them may not be well formulated.

Writing books

Today, there are already many examples of people writing entire books in seconds using ChatGPT. As an example, a book called “Vision of the Future: Human-Machine Collaboration on the Potential of Technology”. It offers ideas and predictions about the future of technology and its impact on our world. First and foremost, it is a work of art. From the initial concept and title of the book to the cover design and even the foreword itself, all the content in this book was created by AI.  

Let me tell you another situation. A Twitter user asked me to write a story, and the result was passed on to another artificial intelligence, which generated an incredible lustration based on that story. 

People even asked ChatGPT to write a story, setting certain criteria, and the artificial intelligence generated a pretty good skeleton. Even Elon Musk himself took part in the experiment of writing a dialog story with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Increase team motivation

The “wow effect” is really present when working with GPT3. People are interested in this artificial intelligence, conduct experiments, and bring the result to perfection. This diversifies the work and does not make it boring, adds gamification, and a new breath to projects.

Currently, routine tasks that used to be difficult are now done with joy and interest. This technology is of great value. I wonder what will happen next! 


Remember. This chatbot is not a full-fledged intelligence. It generates text mindlessly, so be sure to check it carefully and correct mistakes in the already generated text. GPT3 can save you and your team a lot of time.

The OmiSoft team is already working on integrating ChatGPT API into some of our clients’ products, so if you have any ideas on how ChatGPT in business can make your life easier, please contact us  and we will be able to implement it.

So, if you need to integrate ChatGPT into your business — contact us and book your free consultation with a niche expert

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