Customer Loyalty Software—Business Hit or Miss?

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Customer Loyalty app

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Customer Loyalty Software—Make It Your Secret Weapon

Nowadays, people only want to buy from people they know and trust. Loyalty programs are a game that engages the audience to interact with your brand/company/service…you name it. Loyalty apps make playing fun. But customer loyalty software is way more than just collecting points or getting freebies.

Here are the business benefits you can get with loyalty program app development:

  • 🔥 Data insights into customer habits and preferences to make data-driven decisions
  • 🔥 Right timing to connect and engage easily through personalized messages
  • 🔥 Convenience—in the digital era people spend hours on their phones, and making a loyalty app for business is the easiest way to connect

Let numbers speak for themselves

According to the Harvard Business Review

  • Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%


  • Less than 20% even track customer retention
  • The average website achieves less than 30% of its total sales potential with each customer

Which Industries Stand to Gain from Customer Loyalty Software? 

You’d be shocked at how many industries have jumped on the loyalty card app for business bandwagon. A loyalty card app for business may perform well in any industry, including travel, dining, retail, cosmetics, and even pet supplies. It is a flexible tool that may increase client interaction in any industry.

Companies that have done it right: Case Study

Let’s take a look at some major companies that have found success with loyalty card services:

  1. Starbucks Rewards has perfected the art of studying consumer behavior and has the statistics to back it up.
  2. Sephora Beauty Insider boosted more than 25 million devoted clients, providing 80% of Sephora’s yearly income.
  3. Amazon Prime users stay on the site X4 longer than people who don’t have it. 
  4. Apple has turned its brand into a reward program that doesn’t have an app, and Forbes agrees with that.

Why Should Your Company Invest in a Custom Loyalty App? 

You may be wondering whether a loyalty app for business is solely for large corporations like Starbucks or Amazon. But here’s the catch: 

  • Convenience. Most individuals dislike carrying around plastic loyalty cards. They prefer a mobile loyalty app’s digital touch. 
  • Personalization and Big Data. It enables you to provide unique rewards for each consumer. 
  • Exclusivity. It strengthens consumer relationships by making them feel like top guests.

Small companies can benefit from Hedera mobile app development software even more, so create a loyalty program!

Are you thinking about hiring someone else to work on your loyalty app project? 

Loyalty program app development is not easy, particularly for small businesses. Here’s why outsourcing mobile app development might be the solution: 

  • Cost Control. A loyalty program for online businesses may cost anything from $3,000 to $150,000 to develop, and outsourcing app development can help you make a cost-effective decision. 
  • Tech Options. You must choose between native, hybrid, and cross-platform applications, which is not easy if you don’t know the difference.
  • Compatibility Issues. Your software should be compatible with all devices and operating systems. 
  • Concerns about security. Malware and data breaches are not to be taken lightly, as steady, good performance of the brand is what creates customer loyalty.

Why Does Outsourcing at OmiSoft Make Sense? 

You have a lot on your plate as a company owner. Outsourcing custom application development to OmiSoft is a wise decision because: 

  • 💸 Best price. We work with flexible budgets, so you receive high-quality loyalty card services at a better price. 
  • 🥇 Top talent team. You won’t have to worry about recruiting and training an app development team. They’re all set to go. 
  • 🔝 High-quality solutions. OmiSoft has a proven track record of successful apps and sites.

Making a Loyalty Program App in Three Easy Steps 

  • Prototype. Before getting into cross-platform, iOS, or Android app making, test your app’s user flows and iron out any issues. 
  • MVP Development. Create a minimum viable product with a backend for engineers and a content management admin site. 
  • Launch and Monitor. Deploy your mobile app development software and monitor its performance. 

Top-10 Essentials of a Loyalty App 

  1. Onboarding
  2. Customizable profiles
  3. Incentive systems
  4. Social network integration
  5. Engaging games
  6. Push alerts
  7. Location services
  8. Pre-ordering
  9. Mobile payments
  10. Analytics

Money question

The complexity, technology stack, third-party integrations, and hourly rate of the development team all affect the cost. If you want to get an estimate for your loyalty program app development, drop us a line here.

Let’s work together to make your mobile loyalty app a secret business weapon!