Dedicated IT Team — Pros & Cons From the Business Perspective

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Hiring Dedicated Development Team vs Solo Developers | OmiSoft

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Global rates for outsourcing specialists are growing at rapid fire. In five years software outsourcing will grow almost 8%, taking the industry to over $900 billion, according to the latest stats. It makes many companies want to hire dedicated development teams or outsourced solo specialists from tech companies in Germany. But who is better?

Read on and get the answer and we’ve made an in-depth comparison of the dedicated software development teams vs solo developers. Learn where each model of specialist engagement will work the best.

What Is A Dedicated IT Team?

A dedicated development team is a model of collaboration with third-party specialists where the client and the development team work together on a long-term basis.

You focus on higher-level business tasks while the team of development partners does their magic.

When you hire dedicated developer team, you get a set of experts selected specifically to suit your business goals. This type of team is very similar to having an internal team that is technically your employees.

Pros of Dedicated IT Team

Let’s see all the advantages of hiring dedicated development team in comparison to solo specialists.

Cost Effectiveness

Hiring a dedicated development team for a project is usually more cost-effective than bringing in full-time specialists, especially for foreign teams from countries where costs for development services are lower. Let’s say your company is in the US, and bringing a Ukrainian dedicated IT team can save you thousands of dollars if compared with local development services.

Focused Approach

All people involved in the project will be focused just on it. No distractions from other clients. Also, the team is flexible—it can grow at any time to meet your project needs, ensuring faster project execution and better quality.

Transparent Management

Regular communication through messengers such as Slack/Microsoft Teams and the daily or weekly reports will provide transparent management. It also helps to always be up to date without excessive micromanagement.

Relevant Experience & Knowledge

When you use a dedicated development company’s services, your project gets developers who have the necessary skill set and professional experience. Quite often, these people have already implemented many projects similar to yours. They can provide helpful advice and open your eyes to small details that you might have missed.

Besides, a dedicated team doesn’t require you to worry about organization or micromanagement, as working together on other projects, they have developed refined workflows. So, no need to do everything from scratch or resolve conflicts, as such teams already know how to do their jazz.

Close Cooperation

The customer and dedicated IT team members work closely together to achieve a common goal and obtain visible results. You both:

  • Communicate with each other on a daily basis
  • Engage in brainstorming sessions to assess process strengths and weaknesses 
  • Improve workflows and long-term planning

From our experience, this approach works great for timely resolution of unexpected problems and overcoming problems related to the project.

Faster advancement

Usually, companies that provide dedicated team services have a large number of developers who share experiences with each other. Also, such companies have architects and an R&D department that is ready to help at any time and does not require spending a fortune.

Flexibility in Project Requirements

You can bring changes to the team easier, depending on the needs that occur during the development of your project. For example, after you release the project and transition to the support stage, you don’t need as many developers as in the previous stage. Also, sometimes you don’t need a full-time developer to implement a certain function, and a dedicated team can take care of it.

Cons of Dedicated IT Teams

Everything comes with disadvantages, and you should know them before making your final say.

Low efficiency for short-term projects

It is more efficient to hire a dedicated developer team for large projects that are constantly evolving, with flexible and frequently changing requirements. In all other cases, it is better to choose solo developers.

This is not a one-size-fits-all solution

Before choosing such an engagement model, make sure that it is exactly what you need. Just having a long-term project doesn’t cut it. If you have well-defined goals and can partly utilize in-house specialists, hiring a team might not be the best option for you.

Different time zones

Time zones can become a serious problem. But this problem is easily solved if the team applies the principles of agile development.

Why Is Outsourcing Software Development A Good Idea?

  • Focus on key areas. Outsourcing simple but important business processes frees up internal resources to focus on brand building, research, development, and other things that generate revenue for your company.
  • Reduction and full control of operating costs. Full-time employees need office and equipment. And the list of expenses does not end there. Hiring additional employees full-time adds costs in medical and other corporate benefits, taxes, and increases the need for extra PMs and HR professionals.
  • Flexibility. Some departments have cyclical needs for additional resources. For example, the accounting department during the audit or tax seasons, or the marketing department during a product launch. Outsourcing talents is a great way to meet all your needs fast.
  • Access to top developers. Specialists in a dedicated team already have remote work experience in your field. Therefore, you don’t need to explain the workflow to them, and you can avoid the costs of finding technology and training.

5 Signs To Hire A Dedicated IT Team

  • Startups in the early stage (Hiring a dedicated team will set you up with a team quickly, spend less on hiring processes, and generally develop the product faster. While the internal team handles business-oriented tasks, the extended team takes care of development.)
  • Long-term Projects (To boost the project’s potential, you need a strong team of developers. With a dedicated team you can be sure that specialists will bring the project to launch.)
  • Large Projects (If you have an extensive list of tasks and requirements, it may be too much for your employees.)
  • Projects With Fuzzy Requirements (Such a model provides time and resources to focus on the discovery phase without fear of overspending.)
  • No talent match (No local resources is a great reason to choose a dedicated development team.)

Why OmiSoft Is A Good Choice While Hiring A Dedicated IT Team?

  • Dedicated team with 5+ years of experience
  • Top rated (more than 12 5-star reviews on Clutch)
  • Big pool of specialists — 70+ engineers, designers, and architects
  • Agile development approach
  • Excellent timely delivery

Omi Case Study

In our exploration of the cost dynamics between dedicated teams and in-house teams, we present two compelling case studies showcasing Omi Soft’s unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions and tangible benefits to our clients.

Meditation App Development

Tasked with MVP development for mobile apps in an exceptionally short timeframe, Omi Soft took charge of a project that had experienced a revolving door of developers, leading to communication gaps and frustrating delays. 

Our dedicated software team stepped in, offering strategic guidance, stabilizing the development process, and enhancing communication channels. We meticulously examined the project’s situation, identified optimization opportunities, and assembled a specialized team to ensure consistency and collaboration. 

Key development points were prioritized, including code refinement, long-term codebase maintainability, and documentation creation. Omi Soft’s persistent efforts and strategic approach paved the way for a successful product launch, rectifying past setbacks, and setting the stage for future successes.


Our second case study revolves around DayOne, a remote team management software development. Omi Soft’s dedicated team rapidly refactored problem areas, enhancing speed, stability, and functionality while adding essential features for the product’s launch. 

Challenges included fast onboarding for the MVP, complex production server deployment with CI/CD integration, and six months of post-launch assistance. Our team streamlined deployment procedures, improved performance, and integrated an advanced analytics system, providing real-time data for informed decision-making. 

The result: DayOne continues to drive operational excellence through enhanced performance, critical functionality, and insightful analytics.

The bottom line: Dedicated IT Team vs Solo Developers

Solving IT needs should be handled by specialists, who know how to do it well. A dedicated development team is the best option for projects with many fuzzy requirements. 

It will greatly reduce the chance of failure and, most importantly, save time and money. 

It takes much longer to assemble an experienced team than to hire an existing one, especially if you are not good at validating the right specialists.

But if you still have doubts about hiring a dedicated development team or solo developers feel free to contact us.

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