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$ 1300000

 investments attracted with OmiSoft’s help

2 weeks

of staffing time

14 metrics

collected to see product’s financial picture

5 people

in the development and support team

Project Overview

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Industry: Retail

Client Location: singapore-flag Singapore


The OmiSoft team performed rapid refactoring of the problem areas of the remote team management software, which significantly improved the speed and stability of the product as well as added needed functionality for the launch.

Pain points / challenge:

Fast onboarding on the MVP project and completing the needed business features in a short timeframe; Deployment to the production server and creating a CI/CD update; Post-launch assistance during the first six months

Services used:

Business Challenge

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Main Challenges

We had some challenges integrating and sustaining our flagship product, DayOne. DayOne is a remote helpdesk, aka team management software, that operates around the clock to foster functional teams, clear communication, and efficient processes, allowing enterprises to achieve operational excellence.

Jumpstarting the existing project and completing the MVP

Our dedicated team needed to quickly get the team management software development project up and running at the MVP stage. Our objective was to understand our client’s business needs and assist them in completing the necessary features. It was crucial to do it fast without losing quality, as this first stage laid the groundwork for further successful development and deployment.

Deployment of production servers with CI/CD integration

DayOne’s deployment to the production server was a difficult task. We had to set up the infrastructure, assure scalability and stability, and put in place strong security measures. Creating a CI/CD update delivery mechanism was also challenging. Our team worked hard to simplify the deployment procedure and increase delivery speed.

Post-Launch assistance

We offered six months of assistance following the successful launch. This included performance monitoring, fixing technical issues, and deploying updates or upgrades. The challenge was in timely issue resolution and constant improvement of the workflow software.

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Analysis & Rapid Refactoring

We examined the client’s current development and addressed issue areas boosting the product’s speed and stability. This improvement created a solid platform for future growth.

Adding Essential Functionality

We worked closely with our client to develop features that would ensure a successful product launch. For that, we provided a complete solution that addressed the project’s unique requirements.

Integration of Analytics System

Our dedicated team put an advanced analytics system into DayOne, providing 14 important product KPIs on a user-friendly Dashboard. This provided the customer with actual data for informed decision-making.


DayOne continues to increase operational excellence by creating functional teams, ways of clear communication, and efficient processes through enhanced performance, key functionality, and real-time analytics.

Tech Stack used




Redux Toolkit





Business Results

The DayOne project was successfully launched on time, paving the way for the next round of funding. OmiSoft provided ongoing product support to ensure a consistent user experience and client satisfaction.

The results show our dedication to providing high-quality solutions and building excellent relationships with our clients. The timely launch demonstrated DayOne’s market readiness, appearing trustworthy to potential investors. Moving ahead, we will use these outcomes to propel our clients’ development, innovation, and operational excellence.

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