Mindfulness App Development: How To Make a Meditation App?

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Group 427318776

$ 300000

investments were attracted

1.5 months

to develop MVP and launch the app

+ $ 37000 MRR

MRR grew to $37.000 in 6 months

+ 5000

authors create their own meditations through the app

Project Overview

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Industry: Health & Wellness

Client Location: caselogo4 Ukraine


Our dedicated software developers provided the best-fit strategy for MVP development that allowed us to get both apps out in time. For that, we needed to optimize and improve development processes, provide refraction code, and create basic documentation for the project.

Pain points / challenge:

MVP development for mobile apps in a very short timeframe. Fixing issues made by the teams that worked on the project before us.

Services used:

Business Challenge

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OmiSoft met a few major obstacles when collaborating with the client on their product development path. Despite having some amazing product owners and a strong design foundation, they faced many challenges that made building a meditation app difficult.

Let's break it down!

To begin with, there was a developer rotating door, which produced a serious lack of consistency and communication gaps. You can imagine the waiting times and frustration that clients dealt with before meeting us. As a result, the product’s time-to-market suffered significantly, affecting prospective income and missing out on many opportunities. But hold on, there’s more! The product owners’ and developers’ visions and understandings were slightly out of sync, resulting in even more setbacks. Talk about an enemy to efficient progress.

But there is more!

In addition, the product suffered from quality and stability issues, worsening the situation and resulting in further delays.
But don’t worry! OmiSoft stood up and took on these difficulties straight away, providing Reactjs development and React Native application development services, among many others. It wasn’t easy, as fixing a lot of other developers’ mistakes is a challenge, but we made it happen.

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In the beginning

Our dedicated software team offered strategic assistance, stabilized the development team, enhanced communication channels, and brought to the table their excellent product development skills.

Pre development process

OmiSoft created a solid, high-quality solution that met those challenges and made the client’s vision a reality through some major cooperation, efficient procedures, and excellent project management. We:

  • Did a thorough examination of the project’s situation before starting the meditation app development
  • Identified places that can be optimized and improved to build a meditation app
  • We put together a specialized team to ensure consistency and successful collaboration
  • Collaborated extensively with the product owners to complete the design and functioning of the product.

Key development points

  • Key features were given top priority for the MVP launch
  • Refractioned code to increase code quality and uniformity
  • Assured the codebase’s long-term maintainability
  • Created basic documentation

Product launch success

OmiSoft’s persistent efforts and strategic approach paved the path for a successful product launch and laid the groundwork for future successes. We brought our A-game to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Tech Stack used




Redux Toolkit

Firebase Auth

Firebase Auth


Realtime Database


Push Notifications

Business Results

Launch of the MVP and Investor Validation

Working with the client, we yielded some very big commercial results. Here’s the lowdown:

  • The MVP launch was a game-changer for the project.
  • It attracted the interest of investors, who put $300,000 into it
  • That’s correct, the product’s commercial potential was proven and investors expressed a lot of faith in it.

Recurring Income Increase

Fast forward a year, and guess what?

  • The startup’s regular income increased dramatically.
  • They exceeded $37,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) They exceeded $37,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • This tremendous increase demonstrates that people are loving the product and returning for more.

Money, money, and more money!

This consistent revenue stream shows the product’s market acceptability and consumer trust. Product Market Fit was successfully found as a result of the product owners’ strategic approach to launching MVPs and continually enhancing the concept.All of this would not have been possible without OmiSoft’s strong solutions and expertise. We played a significant part in making all of this possible. We helped the project attract financing, generate recurring income like a boss, and align with market demands. It was a real partnership for long-term success and progress in their competitive business. We’re honored to be a part of their journey!

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