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Integrated Healthcare App Development for Getting a Competitive Edge

Group 427318783

$ 100000

investments were attracted

6 months

to develop the product

7 hardware

devices to connect the application

4 people

in the development and support team

Project Overview

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Industry: Health & Wellness

Client Location: Honk Kong Hong Kong


Android and iOS application development for a medical symptoms app; creating a native library for decoding a cardiograph's data and UI UX design; Providing landing and back end development services.

Pain points / challenge:

Our team needed to develop a medical integration app solution that worked smoothly with a medical hardware device (cardiograph), providing accurate results.

Services used:

Business Challenge

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The OmiSoft team had a tough task: creating a product that could smoothly work with a medical device (a cardiograph). The goal was to allow people to conveniently receive and analyze their cardiograms from the comfort of their homes with the easy-to-use Engy app. It wasn’t an easy job, as it involved a bunch of complex challenges on both the healthcare and technology sides.

#1 Challenge

Our healthcare app developers had to ensure that our solution was fully integrated with the cardiograph. This entailed diving into the technical specs and communication protocols of the device.

#2 Challenge

Our team needed to find out how to securely transfer patient data from remote places while keeping it safe throughout transit and storage. Privacy and security were important priorities.

#3 Challenge

We had to create advanced algorithms for correct data processing and interpretation, which was a major challenge. Accurate results were critical for an accurate cardiac diagnosis.

Successful development

On top of that, the software program had to be user-friendly, run on a variety of devices, and adhere to all applicable rules and regulations. Our software product design team wanted to ensure that everyone could utilize it effortlessly while complying with the required guidelines. To tackle all of these challenges, OmiSoft needed to bring together different areas of expertise. Our client wanted to revolutionize at-home cardiac care, and we provided our expertise to make it happen.

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In the beginning

OmiSoft took on the difficulty of evaluating cardiograms at home by offering a comprehensive solution. Our team developed Engy Android and iOS apps, as well as a native library, to make it simple for people to read their cardiogram data.

App Details

To improve the overall user experience with our UI/UX design services, we focused on building user-friendly interfaces for the medical diagnosis app and a simplified landing page. Our native library smoothly connects with the cardiograph device and provides visual graphs at the same time, allowing reliable data interpretation. Our backend architecture in Engy followed high privacy standards to maintain the security and privacy of user info, which are vital for an app in healthcare. For safe data transfer and storage, we employed authentication and encryption procedures.

Development Goal

We provided a seamless Android and iPhone app development solution that lets customers proactively monitor their heart health by integrating our mobile apps with the native library. Our ultimate objective is to transform remote cardiac care by empowering individuals to confidently manage their heart health.

Tech Stack used






Bluetooth LE



Android SDK

Android SDK

Business Results

Our healthcare app development company worked hard to design and deploy our integrated solution, and our efforts paid off nicely. We successfully produced a high-quality product for our client in less than six months, securing a $100,000 investment for the Engy app medical provider. This investment was a powerful testimonial to OmiSoft’s revolutionary solution’s potential and market feasibility. The successful investment enabled the customer to place a large order of 1,000 hardware devices in China. The solution’s competitive edge was further boosted by the low price of $150 per device.

OmiSoft showed the effectiveness and commercial attractiveness of our integrated solution by garnering funding and landing a significant hardware order. The strong commercial results not only offered a much-needed cash boost but also established OmiSoft as a vital participant in the expanding field of healthcare app development services.

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