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A successful business needs to adapt to market realities. And the reality of 2022 is in that typical millennial mindset of “I want it now”. People don’t want to wait and waste time to fill the craving in any sphere of their life. That results in the outburst of ideas for on-demand business startups.

And education on-demand thought tutor finder apps are no exception. Those apps took the industry of schooling like a storm, as they brought solutions for the exact pain points of it, giving a smooth and more efficient way to connect qualified teachers and suitable students.

And today, we want to show that the development of a mobile application for business is not a luxury but an additional channel of communication, promotion, and sales. You can create a reliable code, cool interface, good design and conquer the market with your unique product.

Here in OmiSoft, we believe that an innovative approach and quality development can solve your business problems. Our tutor finder app services use Uber-like techs that allow users to find the service when they want. But how exactly are those apps connected to Uber? How to develop a successful tutor finder application? Answers to that and more, you can find down below.

What Are The Benefits Of On-Demand Tutor App Development?

Thanks to modern IT technologies, modern businesses that offer a variety of services have received additional channels to attract visitors and increase profits. Having a mobile application helps to take a step towards customers and bring business to a new development level.

On-demand service app can solve such tasks:

  • reporting, income-expense statistics, and work efficiency;
  • automation and optimization of internal processes;
  • providing a higher level of service for customers;
  • new convenient opportunities for interaction;
  • an effective way of promotion, constant advertising of the institution or individual person;
  • additional profit channel due to monetization;
  • expanding the geography of services;
  • a significant advantage over competitors.

Why are tutor finder app so popular?

Tutoring or various names of private lessons is one of the oldest world’s professions. In the educational process, both students and teachers face many hardships. And one of them is not an equal ratio of them. Modern students want to get complete one-on-one attention to get better results in the field they are studying quicker.

Besides, with an increased understanding of the effectiveness of such a form of studying, the number of students has grown tremendously. Creating a bunch of other issues like:

  • Lack of individual attention in over-filled classrooms
  • Learning methods are not tailored to the needs of a student
  • Working parents — less parental guidance and help
  • Hardships of finding reliable private tutors
  • Constant pressure on students to do well

And the majority of these issues can be partly or wholly solved by tutor finder apps, which explains the popularity of them. Modern entrepreneurs understand that and strive to develop on-demand educational apps that work like Uber. Those new solutions help parents and students meet their goals – by helping students and tutors meet through the user-friendly app. Anyone can find a tutor for homeschooling, in-house tutoring or video sessions. The process is no more challenging than getting an Uber! Moreover, such apps are popular as they are an excellent workplace for qualified specialists that are looking for an extra income or even a full-time job. They can also support educational institutions of various levels and learning centers in the process of finding students.

The functionality of Tutor Finder App

The peculiarity of tutor apps means that you are not actually creating only one app. You are developing three dedicated interconnected apps or creating one with three panels in it. Those special panels or dedicated apps should cover all the needs of students, teachers, and managing staff. Let’s go more deeply into the required features for each one of them.

Student App Features

Sign-up & Login: That should be a quick and easy sign-up process with future login using email and password or using social media.

Searching for Suitable Tutors: Students can browse the profiles of registered tutors and use special filters to select their region, preferred education field or subject. Also, online tutoring and the availability of in-person meetings should be indicated.

View Teacher’s Profiles: All tutors’ profiles should be open and show the teaching experience, field of expertise, qualification, credentials, student reviews and rates per hour. Tutor Booking: Students can book a suitable online or in-person teacher to help in any skill or subject they need. To do that student creates a request or messages a particular teacher.

In-app communication: This feature allows students and tutors to chat, discuss any problems, create a suitable time table, or make other negotiations.

Push Notifications: Students or parents are receiving notifications and alerts about upcoming classes or any special offers.

In-app Payment: Paying for the class regardless if it is online or in-person can be cashless. Uber-like payment systems are great examples of that.

Ratings & Reviews: Parents or students themselves can leave a rating and short review of tutors based on their teaching approach, skills and professionalism.

Tutor App Features

Sign Up: Same as in the student app, tutors should also sign up with an email, id or social platform.

Making a Profile: The feature for creating a dynamic profile. Teachers can add their qualifications, degrees, teaching experience and available time.

Receiving Request: When a student sends a request to book a lesson, the tutors can either accept or reject it.

Control Earnings: This feature allows tutors to check and control their total income daily, weekly, or monthly.

Schedule control: Tutors can keep up with all their ongoing tuition details and edit their schedule when they need. Also, there is an option for rescheduling and cancelling.

Whiteboard: Cool feature that allows teachers to write, graph functions, draw, and share files. That is extremely important for online lessons.

Video Calls: That is obvious for an online connection. Video call feature facilitates seamless tutor-student communication in real-time.

Admin Panel

Dashboard: It provides a way to control and have quick access to essential data like the total number of registered tutors or students, total bookings, total earnings, etc.

Management of Tutors/Students: This feature allows the admin to manage teachers and students, activate and deactivate accounts, make profile changes.

Reports: Weekly and monthly reports on all in-app processes from the number of lessons to most booked tutors to earnings.

Earnings control: This feature allows the admin to set commissions and check earnings at any time.

Messages: Administration can send in-app messages to students/teachers personally or send mail to all users.

Notifications: This feature allows the admin to send messages and alerts about upcoming events, promotions, discounts, etc.

Management of Reviews: Special features for managing reviews that students leave about teachers.

5 Features to create a top Tutor Finder app

Currently, Wyzant and Ace tutors are both “reigning kings” of on-demand tutor finder applications. Both of them help students, regardless of their age, to find the most suitable tutors. But what makes those apps so successful?

Here we gathered five features that Wyzant and Ace tutors have, that you should consider if you want your feature app to achieve even better results.

  1. Make the process of finding a suitable tutor as quick and easy as possible. Create an advanced search that will allow students to look for all the nearby teachers based on their location, field of expertise, skills, reviews and rates per hour. To make your feature app stand out among competitors, make sure to allow users to compare selected tutors. That will help them choose the most suitable option for their unique needs and get the best experience.
  2. Make both online and in-person classes available. Having more options for studying makes education tension-free. Students can find help when they need it and easily decide to book registered tutors, which will only grow the popularity of your service.
  3. Various communication ways. One-on-one chats, group chats, messaging, and emails help students and teachers always be connected and receive instant answers. Students should always have a way to message their teachers when they need help. Besides, it helps to build more personal connections that will grow loyalty to the platform.
  4. Safe & secure payments. One of the most important things in creating a tutor finder app. Your future solution should be safe, which is possible to obtain by implementing the most secure payment gateways and various payment options from credit/debit cards, PayPal, and others of your choice. Also, make sure that you only charge students for completed courses or classes, but not for pre-booked lessons. As paying in advance is usually a stopping factor for many users, as they are not sure of the service that they are going to receive.
  5. Ratings & Reviews. A very important and common trait of Uber-like apps that makes them so popular. As all can agree, choosing a teacher or any other service based on reviews is much more comfortable. Ratings and reviews help students know the best and most demanded tutors in their area, which makes making a decision to book a tutor doubt-free.

Your tutoring app will enhance the learning process if:

It automates administrative tasks and thereby makes them easier. Teachers and tutors will want to join your platform as they can get more time with their students earning money, rather than spending a lot of time doing boring admin work.

Gives new and innovative ways of teaching. Modern technologies make life not only more comfortable but also help to use time, resources, and skills more effectively. Implementing new smart techs in our app will be beneficial to both students and teachers.

Makes learning personal. Have you seen personal recommendations on Netflix? You should implement the same technology in your app. This way, both students and tutors will receive the best experience with your app.

Make it global. Have a global approach to development. Modern technologies like AI bring drastic transitions, facilitating learning of any course or subject from anywhere in the world and at any time. Incorporate it to help your future app to eliminate borders in education.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Tutoring App in 2022?

This question is not easy to answer, as everything depends on the complexity of the application, design costs, time frame, and any extra development requirements that your project might need.

It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to implement the first version of your idea (MVP), but if it is a more complex application it may take 6-12 months. Here is a rough estimate for tutoring application development:

Type of the app Development Time Estimate Cost
Small 1-3 months $20,000-$60,000
Medium 3-6 months $60,000-$150,000
Big 6+ months $150,000+

Develop Tutor App with Omisoft

High-end UX

Our mobile app cross-platform development specialists have the resources and knowledge to develop a fully-function tutor finder mobile app that is not only rich in performance but also visually attractive. We are happy to create user-friendly and eye-catching mobile solutions that will make it easy for you to provide a high-end user experience to your target audience.

Secure Development Solutions

Working with OmiSoft, you will get absolute secrecy of your app idea. Our sophisticated infrastructure has all resources to avoid any security breaches. Moreover, we also use advanced technologies to make your apps secure for high-performance and the best user experience.

Dedicated Team of Specialists

We provide you with expert developers and designers that you can hire on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis, whatever works for you. Get the individual approach, custom solutions, and years of experience in mobile cross-platform app development for your project!


Duals is a language learning application that allows anyone who wants to learn languages and dialects with native speakers or professional tutors. Also, the tutors themselves can learn other languages using the points they earn for teaching students.

The main goal of Duals is to enable users to record video presentations, use video calls, and have private lessons.


The main challenges that we faced:

Creating Android & iOS applications in a short time frame
Integration of various features into the application, such as video streaming, Tinder-like swiping and video calling
Using non-industry standard tools for backend development (client’s requirement)



The client had a clear vision of how the app should look from a design standpoint.

  • UI included the use of a yellow-green color scheme and loading animations
  • UX provided a convenient transition between screens, as well as the use of calls in a minimized version of the application


Technologies and Tools used:

  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • Agora video streaming
  • Firebase


The product is in the production stage and is scaling. We predominantly were in charge of MVP development.

The bottom line

Tutor finder apps are a fresh look at learning innovation. It is a big investment in the future of your existing business or a great idea for a startup. If you want to create an app for your educational institution or want to develop one from scratch, use our advice and hire a pro cross-platform mobile app developer to have the best outcome.

Contact us, and we will help to open modern communication channels, provide expert development solutions and bring innovation to your educational business.

Don’t hesitate, book your free consultation now!

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