Benefits Of ChatGPT Integration For E-commerce Customer Service

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Tools like ChatGPT are revolutionizing the way e-commerce businesses provide customer service. With its AI-powered natural language processing capabilities and human-like conversation functionality, ChatGPT enables businesses to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing costs. And these benefits are only the tip of the iceberg!

Read on and learn how to get the most out of products like ChatGPT for your e-commerce business!

Start with basics: ChatGPT who?

With all of the ChatGPT mania, the chances are high that you have already heard the term. If yes, let’s make sure that we are on the same page about what is ChatGPT and how ChatGPT works. And if you are hearing about it for the first time, it’s time to crawl from under the rock and get acquainted with the new generative AI language model.

  • ChatGPT — a natural language processing technology that uses AI to understand the text input of a user and generate a relevant response. It can be used to create chatbots and virtual assistants for different business niches.
  • ChatGPT in business is an AI-powered customer service chatbot that can help you provide 24/7 support to your customers. With ChatGPT integration you can give customers faster response times, reduce customer service costs, and improve customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality.

Explore the perks of using the technology and real examples of how companies are already leveraging the new trendy tech!

How Chatbots can revolutionize customer service?

  • 64% of customers prefer chat customer support
  • Companies that have the mindset of the best customer experience get an average revenue 4-8% higher than those who don’t

Cleverbot boom of AI-driven chatbots has a real potential to revolutionize customer service, and we already see the increasing interest of users. Even more so, a lot of customers are just expecting to have at least an online chatbot on the brand’s website.

The growing popularity is understandable, as a chatbot in business applications resolves routine service issues and usually has the option to connect to a live human agent if there is a need for more complex help. An AI-driven chatbot can even do it better.

  • AI Chatbots can take up to 90% of the customer service load
  • Many modern people don’t like to talk to strangers on phone—which is something AI applications can help with
  • Companies need fewer people and therefore spend less money on customer service, and in most cases even increase the quality of the service

AI-based ChatGPT vs Standard chatbot

Though visually regular and AI-based chatbots might look the same, they have a significant difference. Chatbots that you are used to seeing have difficulty understanding the meaning of some questions. 

Thus, it requires more specifications and often asks: “What do you mean?” “Please specify…”+ dropdown list of several possible answers. And in contrast, ChatGPT-based chatbots with deep learning models understand the meaning of the message better and immediately produce the correct answer. 

For example, if a client asks an AI-based chatbot: “I want to buy a jacket that costs 200€. Is the shipping free?”, it analyzes the entry and databases, thereby knowing that the company in question has free shipping from 49€ which is less than 200€. 

It allows the AI chatbot to provide the answer, while a regular one would only give the info found on the database: “Free shipping is available from 49€.”, which is accurate, but not the answer to the question that the client asked. 

ChatGPT vs Standard chatbot

Therefore, you can see that AI tech allows more human-like communication and clarity that both improve the quality of customer service. But is it all that ChatGPT and similar AI techs can provide? Read on and learn what the new tech can do for customer service.

What can ChatGPT do for customer service?

We believe that with faster-evolving AI development services, every business should explore the opportunities and ways to use ChatGPT to their advantage. As they say, you can either keep up with the curve or roll off it. The same goes for e-commerce business innovation if you won’t see the opportunity at the right time, your competitors will.

Let’s explore the main things that ChatGPT can do for your customer service!

#1 Provide 24/7 availability

ChatGPT-based chatbot doesn’t need to sleep, eat, and get that coffee break, unlike live customer support workers. That allows your business to operate with no limits on standard office hours.

#2 Increases reply speed

The AI chatbot needs seconds to analyze the client’s entry and provide a robust answer, which increases the overall satisfaction of the customer.

#3 Cost-effectiveness

Decreased load of requests that need human help results in fewer workers and fewer expenses. But still, you need to budget for an AI development software team who will create and integrate a chatbot into your e-commerce business.

#4 Higher consistency of responses

ChatGPT is designed to provide consistent responses to customer inquiries, which ensures that clients receive the same info no matter who they interact with.

These and other benefits of chatGPT help it to be used in various areas, including:

  • Documentation management
  • Task description for the team
  • Sales and lead generation
  • And so much more

Curious about learning more about these and other industries where CharGPT can do its magic? Read on this.

ChatGPT is no God: Challenges of ChatGPT for customer service

Well, ChatGPT-like and machine-learning development services can do wonders for customer support, but they are not perfect yet. There are certain limitations that you should also be aware of:

  • AI-based chatbot can’t handle all… at least yet 😉. ChatGPT faces difficulties dealing with more complex or very specific customer inquiries. Around 10% of clients may still need human help. 
  • Highly dependent on the accuracy of the entry. If the message to the AI chatbot is poor the results have a high chance of not being what the client wants.
  • Poor personalization. ChatGPT is limited in personalization of approach when compared to human customer service representatives. And as we know, 80% of customers make a purchase if the approach is customized.
  • Chance of errors: No automated system can claim to be error-free. The same goes for ChatGPT as it may make mistakes and lead to confusion for the client.

But a lot of these drawbacks can be minimized with custom AI prompts that help clients to communicate with the chatbot “the right way”, to get the most efficient results.

Use AI to improve your customer service

Let’s dive a bit deeper into how AI technology can improve your e-commerce business now:

  • Provide a potential answer for human review
  • Productivity automation and boost of onboarding for new team members
  • Summarize long conversations for further review
  • Organize and prioritize entries based on urgency and other needed factors
  • High speed of responses = faster help when needed

Generative AI can be a great improvement to the customer support of your business but does it have the power to replace human help? No. And it won’t be able to do it fully anywhere soon.

Adding ChatGPT directly to your customer support is not worth it, due to the problems we talked about above. But it is possible to integrate AI with the help of additional e-commerce development service that would open all the capabilities described above.

What’s next?

Looking at AI tech as a whole, it has a nature to augment and accelerate the work of humans. With all recommended ChatGPT and other AI tech implementations there is still a need for humans from fact-checking to the personal approach of customer service agents themselves.

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Get an understanding of what AI can do, boost your customer satisfaction, and get ahead of your competitors with OmiSoft help!

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