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Blockchain Software Development

Blockchain lottery
Build A Blockchain Lottery

Neither in popularity nor profitability among gambling games, lotteries have no equal. A lot of people in the world participate in lotteries, we can say, every second. Despite its success, the lottery industry has several serious drawbacks that worry every player. Some of these issues are easily solved with the aid of blockchain technology, such as fair play.  Thanks to...

Dmytro Romaniuk

7 min read

Choose The Best Blockchain Platform For dApp Development | OmiSoft
Choose The Best Blockchain Platform For dApp Development

Blockchain technology reached the chart of the most recognizable and talked about topics nowadays. This huge system of linked blocks full of data now is equal to “reach success”. Therefore, it pushes more and more companies to consider implementing blockchain solutions into their projects. As demand for blockchain software development services increases by leaps and bounds daily. How can you...

Dmytro Romaniuk

6 min read