Choose The Best Blockchain Platform For dApp Development

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Choose The Best Blockchain Platform For dApp Development | OmiSoft

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Blockchain technology reached the chart of the most recognizable and talked about topics nowadays. This huge system of linked blocks full of data now is equal to “reach success”. Therefore, it pushes more and more companies to consider implementing blockchain solutions into their projects.

As demand for blockchain software development services increases by leaps and bounds daily. How can you manage to pick the most suitable platform for developing your business dApp (decentralized application)?

You can easily decide which blockchain development company is your top choice when we spill the beans about it. With years of experience in the niche and many successful projects, the OmiSoft team knows what we are talking about, and got your back!

Here is a perfect algorithm for choosing the proper blockchain platform for dApp development and helping your business succeed. Check it out!

Decentralized Applications: Why are dApps important for bussines?

It’s the century of creativity. But you must be careful with performing your ideas – they may appear not as stunning and user-friendly as you think. Why does it happen?

  1. The blockchain and DeFi market doesn’t need anything new
  2. Well-thought-out ideas bring more value than uniqueness
  3. Some creative ideas are not executed properly due to the lack of funds

To create a dApp, oriented toward making your client’s experience easy and efficient, you’d better analyze what you expect of your business: 

  • Project scope
  • Desired results
  • Further advancement 

Do the idea validation and use professional blockchain consulting services that can help you with forming your project into something valuable and usable. Turn your idea into profit with proper planning and let specialists define the right strategy based on a thorough analysis during the discovery stage.

How to start and implement Blockchain development

Before stopping on the perfect blockchain development team for your app it’s essential to resolve one matter. The matter of how your decentralized project should work. 

Our team defines 4 scenarios that you have to consider:

  • Develop your brand new blockchain system. How? By creating your own decentralized ecosystem you will build the app on your own platform. Blockchain software development and consulting exist for that purpose.
  • Use layer-2 technology. While 1s-layer platforms are the base layers such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc, 2-layer technology is something that can fasten the processes. Also, you can build a bridge between a couple of chosen blockchain networks. 
  • Adjust your project to meet your client’s needs. It’s vital to configure your payment system in any cryptocurrency that fits your user’s requirements. You can either integrate an existing blockchain or fork crypto of your choice to meet your unique needs. But keep in mind if you are choosing the second option, that forking is not a challenge, however ensuring smooth performance is not easy, and requires the help of the crypto dev team.
  • See the benefits of decentralized application development. If you want your business to be on a blockchain basis, choose the framework with the best features and launch your dApp as soon as possible. 

Appealing to the last point, now you have to get acquainted with top European companies developing blockchain technology. Analyzing competitors and seeing that Uniswap, Polymarket, and Opensea are great examples of utilizing dApps, you can come to the conclusion that it’s also the best option for DeFi development projects as well.

But let’s move on to probably the most difficult task—choosing a blockchain platform for dApp building. Read on and learn all the peculiarities of it!

What is the best blockchain platform?

In two minds on choosing a proper blockchain platform for your business? We got your back. Let’s see what the 3 most promising blockchain platforms have to offer and which one will be suitable for your project.


This network has already captured the hearts of businessmen all over the globe. It’s frequently used for dApps development and other purposes. Find out why:

  • Well-thought-out functionality and dev blockchain toolkits
  • Trustworthy network, because the more people use it, the more popular and reliable it becomes
  • Wide range of smart contracts
  • Huge amount of active nodes, which means that Ethereum shaped an entire community

Still, this blockchain platform has its downs: usage of POW consensus slows the processes, and Ethereum has a pretty high cost of deployment and transaction fees. 

Nonetheless, this is the most popular and used blockchain for business purposes, so you should definitely consider it to be the foundation of your decentralized application. Hire an Ethereum blockchain engineer to fulfill your business ideas!

Polkadot Multichain

Distinguished multichain, that is able to host other blockchain ecosystems. Its scalability is mind-blowing. Within this platform, you can build parachains in any coding language. Besides Polkadot’s great functional compatibility and ability to upgrade without a hard fork, it has such cons:

  • Not that many specialists are well-versed in this system
  • Other blockchains can’t connect until they build an additional bridge
  • Limitations of slots for parachain creation, but it may be a temporary act

Polkadot came up with well-thought-out solutions: they prepared a lot of materials that simplify devs’ work on projects. Thus consider this blockchain as a base for your future blockchain development project.


Based on the Proof-of-History consensus model, Solana blockchain development has such features:

  • Ability to use any languages for coding smart contracts (which also can be set up alongside)
  • Large transaction speed (TPS)—you can see in action in Chainlink or Serum 
  • High-throughput system

Solana is fully built on Rust. It provides a variety of features that create a developer-friendly environment, which makes it a fav choice of many dApps developers. 

Unluckily, Solana is not as well-known as Ethereum, but it’s still growing its customer base. And although it has a slight amount of nodes, you can bravely try Solana blockchain development services for your small or middle-sized business.

dApp Experts to Help

There are various blockchain platforms that you can use for your dApp development. Which is the best of them? It’s only up to you.

Proceeding from your business ideas and expectations you can find an accurate solution. Make your mind up about your project details and choose the proper blockchain platform. 

And if you have any questions on blockchain development or want to create a blockchain or dApp, our OmiSoft team is ready to help.

Just hit us up for free consultation!

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