How to Apply Blockchain Development Technology in Different Areas?

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Blockchain technology implementation

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Let us remind you that blockchain is a decentralized system called, which is used to store and transfer information. Today, it is becoming increasingly available in various industries. Blockchain is also starting to challenge practices in business sectors. Many industries, ranging from healthcare to higher education, can take advantage of blockchain technology implementation. It boasts the ability to provide greater transparency and fairness, as well as save businesses time and money. 

We’ve talked about blockchain development before (P.S. click here to read the OmiSoft blog).. However, shall we go beyond the basics and see how this technology is being used today in organizational and individual environments?

Is it worthwhile to invest in blockchain technology?

or Choosing to invest in the technology of the future: blockchain

During its existence, blockchain has confirmed that it has great potential and can be useful for companies from any industry. Like many promising innovations, blockchain is attracting the interest of investors. And there is a reason for this: companies directly or indirectly related to this blockchain technology company demonstrate effective and high results.

Among the advantages of investing in blockchain, experts highlight the procyclical dynamics of the industry. This means that its ups and downs correspond to the business cycle. There are several ways to invest in distributed database technology. We have given a few examples:

  • Buying shares in blockchain-related companies. It is a good idea to invest in businesses that create, implement or use blockchain technology. Among them are: graphics processor developer Nvidia, payment company Square, contract signing software provider DocuSign and others. However, there is a drawback: to select large promising companies, you need to deeply analyze their business and be well versed in blockchain.
  • Investing in ETFs on blockchain development company. If you do not have much time and desire to choose securities on your own, you can invest in many blockchain projects at once using exchange-traded funds – ETFs. This opportunity is provided, for example, by the Siren NASDAQ NASDAQ NexGen Economy ETF. It should be borne in mind that the status of a qualified investor may be required to purchase shares of foreign funds – this is very important.
  • Investing in blockchain technology investment funds. The easiest way to invest in innovation is to buy shares in a mutual investment fund with the appropriate specialization. There is only one blockchain fund on the Russian market – BKS “Digital Galaxy”. This is a sector of shares of global companies that implement and use blockchain technologies.

What industries, other than finance, could use blockchain?

Blockchain has made a so-called “revolution” not only in finance but also in many other industries. How to implement a blockchain? Let’s learn more about them…

Industries Describe
Software Security Blockchain enhances software security by providing automatic and tamper-proof as well as decentralized control over software dependencies.  Some of the most famous companies using blockchain: Coinbase, PayPal, Nvidia, etc. In the future, software buyers will look for in-depth dependency graphs, much like a list of ingredients in a favorite snack.
Identity management Blockchain, in this case, plays an important role in identity management. It can allow people to take responsibility for their identity by creating a global identifier, which in turn can serve several purposes. The presented technology will give users a sense of security that no stranger will be able to access their personal information, which can be a solution to many problems.
Chains of supply Temporary supply or cold chain benefits greatly from the use of blockchain. The collective supply chain is very difficult to track and trace, especially with so many different and independent players involved in delivering even a single package to its destination. In such a case, blockchain can ensure the safe delivery of critical medicines while maintaining key parameters. 
Security and law enforcement Security and law enforcement can benefit well from blockchain-based technologies to ensure the authenticity of videos used as evidence. With blockchain, signed, time-stamped video evidence is protected from being tampered with, altered or denied by anyone using tools such as deep forgery software that is widely available on the Internet.
Media Blockchain can transform the rights and ownership of media assets (audio and video). The industry operates under standards defined by SMPTE and other standardization bodies that will need to be developed.
Travel And Mobility The mobility and travel industry can simplify airline ticket sales and aircraft maintenance records by encapsulating fields in a digital token for simplification. Also, this technology will prevent fraud and facilitate access. Car sellers and renters can benefit from a simplified sales process.
Logistics and Shipping  Transparent and traceable records and logs will be of great benefit to the industry, but having this capability without the need for centralization allows for much greater scale and comprehensiveness.
Healthcare Blockchain will provide an understanding of both clinical information and budget with costs at the level of the individual patient. This will enable patients to truly become masters of their health.
Real estate Real estate stands to benefit significantly from blockchain as a traditional industry with high barriers to entry. It will facilitate the work of homeowners and investors.
Government Operations Various public expenditures, investments, tax collections and other public revenues can be integrated into a public blockchain. This is a timely need for many countries that are trying to rebuild for a better future and avoid corrupt systems.
Higher Education Higher education can benefit significantly from the use of blockchain technology for credentials. All students will be able to maintain control over their own data and provide access to it at their own discretion. Ensure auditability and trust.

These are just examples of areas where blockchain will be of real help. There are many more. Especially when it comes to blockchain app development services… But more on that later…

Blockchain: Key Elements and Features

Blockchain technology was first talked about thanks to bitcoin, a very popular cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, it has now become too overvalued and volatile compared to other cryptocurrencies. But it was bitcoin that drew our attention to the blockchain technology itself.

The main elements of the blockchain include:

  • Distributed ledger technology. Access to immutable transaction records and distributed ledgers is available to all participants in the network. With the help of a shared registry, a one-time record of transactions is implemented.
  • Immutable records. Once a transaction record has been registered in the general ledger, no participant will be able to forge it or make any changes. Even if an error is detected in the transaction record, a new, already corrected one will be added to the register, but both transactions will remain visible.
  • Smart contracts. This is a set of rules that allow you to speed up transactions. Storage of smart contracts is provided by the blockchain and is performed automatically. Any of the smart contracts allows you to define the conditions required for the transfer of corporate bonds.

What are the key features of blockchain that make it so irresistible? Why is it gaining so much popularity and so many want to create a blockchain?

Features Describe
Immutability There are various features of blockchain, but among them “Immutability” is undoubtedly one of the key features of blockchain technology. Immutability means something that cannot be changed or altered.
Decentralized The network is decentralized, meaning it does not have any governing body or single person looking after the structure. Instead, the network is maintained by a group of nodes, making it decentralized. This is one of the key features of blockchain technology that works flawlessly.  
Enhanced Security Since there is no need for a central authority, no one can simply change any characteristics of the network to their advantage. The use of encryption provides another layer of security to the system.
Distributed Ledgers Traditionally, the public register contains all information about the transaction and its participants. It is all publicly available, you can’t hide anywhere. Although in the case of a private or federated blockchain, everything is a little different. But still, in those cases, many people can see what is actually happening in the registry.
Consensus The consensus is responsible for the network being trustless. Nodes might not trust each other, but they can trust the algorithms that run at the core of it. That’s why every decision on the network is a winning scenario for the blockchain. It’s one of the benefits of blockchain features.
Faster Settlement Now, blockchains are way too fast, and they can easily use it to send money to their loved ones. Another fun fact is the smart contract system. This can allow making faster settlements for any kind of contract. This is one of the best benefits of blockchain features to this day.

How Do Businesses Use Blockchain? 

From our experience as a leading Eastern Europe outsourcing company, businesses can store and transfer records better and more securely by using blockchain networks with strong, state-of-the-art built-in encryption. Sometimes, it can be a cheaper way to store data than renting space in a data center.

Blockchain improves the security, transparency, and traceability of data exchanged in a business network, as well as provides cost savings and new opportunities for efficiency. Blockchain integration for business uses a shared and immutable ledger that can only be accessed by participants with permission. We explained how to choose the best blockchain platform for your business in our previous article.

In conclusion…

Blockchain technology is not just a trend that people forget about after a short period of time. With the features and applications, we can safely assume that this technology will stay with us for a long time. All the important functions of the blockchain bring the Internet network to a completely different level of influence and development.

Even though blockchain causes a lot of controversies, if people can use the ideology behind all the benefits of blockchain, they can make a decent future for everyone. There are no signs of regression in technological development, so it is possible that blockchain will significantly enrich investors.

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