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Optimizing Gas Fees with Hedera Hashgraph Development

Save Money and Succeed with Hedera Hashgraph Development Services Blockchain technology has transformed banking, supply chain, and healthcare. But there's a catch: those annoying transaction fees, also known as "gas fees." They have the potential to deplete your budget quicker than you would want. But no worries, we've got you covered. Omisoft is your go-to team for developing blockchain solutions....

Yevhen Sakara

Blockchain lottery
Build A Blockchain Lottery

Neither in popularity nor profitability among gambling games, lotteries have no equal. A lot of people in the world participate in lotteries, we can say, every second. Despite its success, the lottery industry has several serious drawbacks that worry every player. Some of these issues are easily solved with the aid of blockchain technology, such as fair play.  Thanks to...

Dmytro Romaniuk

7 min read

Blockchain technology implementation
How to Apply Blockchain Development Technology in Different Areas?

Let us remind you that blockchain is a decentralized system called, which is used to store and transfer information. Today, it is becoming increasingly available in various industries. Blockchain is also starting to challenge practices in business sectors. Many industries, ranging from healthcare to higher education, can take advantage of blockchain technology implementation. It boasts the ability to provide greater...

Yevhen Sakara

9 min read