Collectible NFT: Ordinals A Step Into The Future

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Until recently, we have seen the rise of NFTs mainly in such popular blockchains as Ethereum, Solana, and BNB Smart Chain. Ordinary NFTs or digital artifacts, as they are also called, have conquered the world. Ordinals has created another interesting and effective way to use bitcoin beyond just transferring value by making bitcoin NFTs a reality.  In this article, with OmiSoft you will learn more about:

  • How does the new market trend Ordinals NFT work?
  • What are its prospects?
  • Why is it worth investing in Ordinals NFT?

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A Simple Guide to the Technology: Inscription ordinals NFT

What are ordinals and how does it work?

Ordinary NFTs are a real discovery of the 21st century. They have wide-ranging capabilities: users can mine non-functional tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain – images and more.

The Ordinals protocol was launched quite recently, in January 2023, and has already opened up a new perspective on trading to users: the ability to explore, transfer, and receive individual satoshis – which can include unique inscriptions such as videos and images. It is a new way of mining NFTs in Bitcoin that involves placing the actual NFT content entirely on the chain.

How are Ordinals different from NFTs and other blockchains? 

In many ways, mining on Ordinals is similar to mining on NFTs, but there are a few key differences that guarantee data accessibility and improved security. For example: 

  • NFT files are stored off-chain, accessed via a link in the blockchain, and can be modified by smart contract developers, 
  • data for Ordinal inscriptions are stored directly in the Bitcoin blockchain. Ordinals are permanent and unchangeable. 

Important! NFTs are usually associated with royalties, while Ordinals aren’t.  

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What are the Advantages of Ordinal Bitcoin Theory?

Bitcoin NFTs have unique rarity factors. Let’s take a closer look at them: 

  • a new block is mined about every 10 minutes and adjusted every two weeks;
  • the block is adjusted, and as a result, the Bitcoin network changes the hashrate with which the blocks must be matched;
  • the satoshi shortage is also halved every four years – every six decreases, a connection is made, which leads to the fact that the difficulties with adjustment and halving coincide.

We, as well as all NFT enthusiasts, are looking forward to seeing this technology appear directly in Bitcoin for the first time. The protocol brings more value, transactions, incentives for miners, and overall growth to the Bitcoin economy. 

How Ordinals are Revolutionizing the World of Bitcoin NFTs

The market for ordinals is gaining rapid momentum as developers don’t miss the power of this technology and its potential to revolutionize the NFT community. People who buy Bitcoin Ordinal collections are the saviors of NFT creators and the ecosystem as a whole.

The protocol has rekindled the excitement around building the base layer of the blockchain. Ordinal solved the 3 general problems:

  1.  transparency and security  
  2.  accountability of the Bitcoin blockchain,
  3.  unprecedented value for engineers building directly on Bitcoin. 

An overview of the Current Landscape for Bitcoin-Based Ordinals NFT

A modern landscape for inscriptions and ornaments is a new and rapidly evolving ecosystem. Before this, NFT bitcoin networks never really existed, and therefore the building blocks for a deep and liquid market and wallets are at the forefront of the prospects for this topic…

Collections Taproot Wizards, ORD Rocks, and Bitcoin Punks are among the most popular collections.  
Marketplaces Among the marketplaces, OpenOrdex is the leader, it is completely open and uses decentralized tools for trading. This marketplace uses PSBT, which allows you to place and buy inscriptions seamlessly.
Mining services. OrdinalsBot, OrdSwap, Gamma, Bitcoin Bandits, and Luxor Mining are ordinary mining services. They are responsible for every step of the ordinal creation process.
Wallets Speaking of wallets, they currently do not have a satellite selection function, which is an important feature for sending ordinals to other addresses. Although the satellite selection feature is not available, wallets that offer UTXO selection, such as Sparrow wallet, Electrum, and Xverse.
Other OrdinalHub and Ordinal Directory are platforms for collectors to find trending collections, new collections, and analyze minimum price data.


Buying and Selling Bitcoin NFTs: A Guide to Using Ordinals for Investors and Collectors

 Digital currencies, in our case NFTs, have always been a controversial issue not only in the wider world of traditional finance but also among a narrow circle of cryptocurrency supporters and the Bitcoin community. Nevertheless, the interest of investors and buyers in Ordinals is significant. 

According to Fortune, the significant jump in the price of bitcoin in early 2023 is largely due to the emergence of Ordinal. Roughly speaking, the increase in hype may be one of the reasons for the recent rise in the bitcoin price.

The long-term prospects of Ordinals are unclear at this time, but there are predictions that such ideas are a vivid example of innovations introduced by a strong bitcoin community. New ideas and technologies such as Ordinals have provided many great examples of bitcoin use cases over the years, and both successful and unsuccessful projects can stimulate interest and activity in bitcoin itself. 

What should investors consider? Potential investors will have to choose carefully before investing in this new project, but for those who already have experience with NFTs, betting on bitcoin will not be difficult and will bring significant results. 

Ordinals NFT: What the future Holds

The Ordinals proved to the world that Bitcoin is not just a digital asset, but a competitor to new blockchains when it comes to building entire fly-by-night economies on its first level.

We are currently witnessing a turning point for the bitcoin NFT community and those interested in bitcoin-based development. Bitcoin is poised to create an even greater impact on cryptocurrencies and Web3 in general.


Ordinals are changing the world of blockchain art, an innovative way to store information about Bitcoin transactions. This is a unique moment in the history of digital currencies when innovation generates network activity that goes beyond the typical use cases. So, Top NFT development service at ОmiSoft keeps up with all the latest developments in the digital world, especially when it comes to bitcoin. We are always happy to help you with the development, investment, or creation of a business strategy. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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