Creating the NFT Minting Website – How to Build Your Unique Business

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Creating the NFT Minting Website - How to build your unique business | OmiSoft

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What’s the buzz about NFT

The popularity of minting NFTs is still taking the crypto world by storm, and for a good reason. NFTs offer ways to own something unique and different from what traditional assets can offer. This fascinating trend is different from cryptocurrency in the manner that it’s a huge investment tool with lots of benefits:


  ownership history

  underlying value

  perception of the buyer

  liquidity premium

  future value

NFT development of top German companies in tech includes different technologies, such as non-fungible tokens, Smart Contracts, dApp frameworks, blockchain programming languages, and transaction protocols.

So how can NFTs improve your existing products and services to take your business to the next level?

And where do you start?

There are platforms and marketplaces to mint your product. The main difference between them is how you prefer to run this business. Since the market is huge, the demand for NFT marketplace development is also increasing and follows the same procedure – to store NFTs and sell them. Another way of trading your NFTs is your personal and unique platform.

This is where the main question arises: what to choose – nft marketplaces or your own nft site one on one?  Let’s take a closer look at what exactly can benefit your business according to the extensive analysis of our professional team.

What is NFT minting platform

Minting is an essential process, which implies platforms (minting websites) to use, it’s the process of creating an NFT and “registering” digital assets on the blockchain.

This software program is an NFT Minting Application, which is a cost & time-effective model with more simple minting processes, which can create the question, how much does it cost to make an nft more transparent?

On your own e-commerce platform that can optionally even be integrated with marketplaces, you can store NFTs, connect your wallet and connect to a blockchain ledger.

So which trading option is more suitable depends on how unique you prefer to be and what benefits you can achieve in the bigger picture.

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Why do you need NFT minting website?

Your own NFT platform allows you to create custom personalized business construction and build up your own branded marketplace under your full control.

Having your personal platform means you don’t need to think how much does it cost to create an nft project – everything is already yours.

Let’s find out why it can be more profitable than NFT Opensea, Solsea or any other general marketplace.

Business benefits of NFT minting website


Pay less

You pay no fees. Most NFT marketplaces charge fees for listing and trading (for example, Opensea charges 2.5% fees on each trade)


Earn more

Royalties! Every time an item from your collection changes hands on the secondary marketplace like OpenSea you get paid a % of the sale amount.

With a 15k ETH volume traded on OpenSea (for example at just 5% royalty that’s a 750 eth in just royalties alone! Mind-blowing isn’t it?


Better market visibility  

You can create an nft project that can be unique and personalized, will define your business, and allows you to establish your brand.  Custom minting platforms are more SEO friendly, which ensures that your website gets better visibility in search engine result pages to promote sales.
Whitelist Giving priority access to mint to a selected group of people to avoid “gas wars”.  More on this you can find in our later reviews.
Delayed reveal Your buyers will see a placeholder image when they mint until the official reveal date
Investors traction Business owners can use your NFT platform as a tool for launching their products
Security You can implement strong security measures to prevent your software from ruining the website


As it’s a custom platform you can always add some extra options, but the features that your website must have include the following:

  An outstanding page design

  Eye-catching first page

  Your project’s story

  Community links, such as Discord and Twitter


  Various filter and search options

  Minting NFT functionality

  Buying functionality, like shopping cart

  Digital wallet integration, like Metamask

  SEO Optimization

  DDoS protection

Some inspiration for the NFT

Here we’ll list some of the elements that can be included in the website on real examples. You can find more examples on Behance or Dribbble.

For example, shows us a great roadmap of the project in the screen below:

Kaiju Kings NFT

And a good example of a pre-release timer that you can add before launching the NFT is below in Kisaki project web page:

Kisaki NFT Web Page

Also, the Santaminers present a good screen for the overview of the collection:

Santa Miners NFT

Creating NFT Website Process


Target Market

To provide users with more value and attract attention to your product you need to choose the right niche (games, music, art, sport, avatars, etc.).


Deciding the appropriate blockchain platform for your NFT marketplace is the crucial question. For example, the most popular blockchain that artists prefer when it comes to NFT is  Ethereum, though  Solana is the next biggest player in the market, well-known as the “Ethereum killer”, so if you seriously think about how to make solana nft – take a look how it has faster and better transactions for the users.
Smart Contract Development To create and manage unique digital assets you need to make sure your  Smart contract protocol development works properly.  Back-end is the logic of the custom NFT platform, which is decentralized and most of the data is verified on a blockchain.

Pay extra attention on all Security issues with the basic tips here OmiSoft

UX/UI design UX/UI is the golden mean between usability and the perfect look of your website. For example, use animation wisely to avoid the website’s overload.
Front-end development This stage implies developing platform’s fast operation, good performance, and reliability. We can recommend choosing React or WordPress based on your requirements.
Integration of smart-contract and APIs According to your business needs you can create the Wallet just for your website or it can be integrated into the system using different APIs with different functions.


Once all the testing processes are done, and your platform is bug-free,  it’s time for the Big Launch. We recommend AWS or DigitalOcean you’re your cloud-based services to incorporate web hosting, data sharing, and software use.

And as always, don’t forget to pay attention on Security issues.

Case Kisaki

For this project, our OmiSoft creative team worked with the female founders and focused on creating an inclusive web3 through its inspirational collection, global community and empowerment of inspirational individuals. The main goal was NFT minting website development and the creation an international community of web3 entrepreneurs.

  • Creating a landing page and mobile adaptation for it for mining 
  • Short terms of development
  • The client provided illustrations, and we made UI/UX design and mobile animation
  • Scaling by developing an admin panel, content management application and backend system
Solution (Design) Our design team prepared design mockups and our client approached us with the idea to develop an interactive landing page for the new NFT collection. It had to have animated elements that would reflect the style and mood of the collection, as well as the owners of the collection. And at the same time it had to demonstrate the main idea of feminism and the power of female energy that they promote.
Solution (Development) A fully functional landing page with animations, NFT gallery and the possibility of minting NFT was created.
Solution (Technologies used) Typescript




Web services of the digital ocean

Solidity Smart Contracts


The result of the work The project successfully started with a marketing campaign. It is now preparing the audience for the NFT minting stage and will soon be developed further to work with Blockchain technology.
Stats Team: 5 people

Components and stages: design, development of Frontend, Backend and admin panel.

Cost Breakdown

To determine how much does it cost to create an NFT website you have to understand what exactly you need, and only then contact NFT companies.

It will depend on the features and the complexity of the smart contract and the website in general, same as your developing team location can affect the price.

Normally, the standard NFT website with the simple smart contract can vary from $5K in Eastern Europe and from $10K in the USA.

The more complex platform you want to build, the more money you will have to invest. Depending on the level of customizations you need, features and location, the NFT marketplace cost may increase up to $20K – $30K.

To reduce the expenses you can get a free consultation and our NFT development team can offer you the standard website for $3K.

If you want to know more about the costs – just read our article on the cost of NFT collection .

Omi Case Study

Let’s explore the case of SoundMint, which showcases the process of NFT minting platform development.

The primary issue at hand was the manual deployment of new collections, which proved time-consuming and prone to delays. Scaling up was challenging, and inconsistencies in deployment methodologies affected user experiences. Our main challenge was to swiftly provide NFT minting platform development and UI/UX design services to address these issues within a tight timeframe. 

Leveraging AWS services for CI/CD pipeline development and automating releases, we reduced manual work, eliminated errors, and accelerated collection releases. Simultaneously, our UI/UX enhancements optimized navigation, increased performance, and ensured a consistent, user-friendly experience across all collections, marking a significant benefit for SoundMint’s users.

To Sum Up

The whole NFT market has a promising future due to its potential. However, you may understand how NFT platforms work and what features you need to increase your chances to succeed with a unique platform that fans of digital art will love.

As a business personality, you may choose to create NFT minting website that can increase your sales. And for developing this kind of NFT minting platform experienced NFT developers are essential.

Our professional OmiSoft NFT developers are happy to chat through all of your options in more detail. We are ready to help you to find ways to innovate and stand out from the crowd.

Contact us today to find your personal NFT solutions and turn your idea into success!

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