How to Create a Solana NFT – A Guide for Non-Developers

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How to create a Solana NFT - a guide for non-developers | OmiSoft

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How to create a Solana NFT – a guide for non-developers

Non-Fungible Tokens and NFT companies have exploded in popularity over the last years and are still rising in price and value.

Buyers and sellers have now learned to trust NFT markets as NFTs made over $20 billion in income last year. And it boosted interest in NFT collections and NFT marketplace development.

Getting a good NFT-based project is an opportunity and if you want to get in this NFT business, then you’ve already heard about Solana that so many influencers have preached about.

Solana (SOL) remains one of the most unique crypto networks, which may soon become the blockchain of choice for nft development. Why? When it comes to buying, selling, and minting NFTs, it’s a great alternative to other blockchains considering it’s already cheap, scalable, and fast.

What is Solana about?

Solana is a public, open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts. This is a critical issue as NFTs are minted and traded using smart contracts. It’s the fastest network and is perfect for DeFi, NFTs, and Web3 projects.

Solana is designed to host decentralized and scalable applications and allows creators to be as flexible as they want to be.

It runs on a Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus mechanism to assign nodes to be slot leaders ahead of time.

Solana offers the best marketplace ecosystem for the operation of this kind of business and recently OpenSea and Rarible, the world’s largest NFT marketplaces, have started to support Solana NFTs. 

Let’s look closer at its main advantages with our Germany software company.

Solana Benefits for NFT developers

Here are a few advantages of Solana for NFT developers that are worth exploring.

Higher transaction speed Approximately it can process up to 65,000 transactions per second and growing.

Lower transaction cost

Solana uses PoH and Turbine protocols to speed up data processing at a reasonable price of about $0.00025. As the system always uses smart contracts to process launching NFTs, additionally, Solana also works with smart contracts that reduce the cost of transactions.
Instant transactions Solana has no problem with mempool. You can make instant transactions without waiting, they are confirmed as quick as thought.
Aggressive growth  An expanding environment of Solana environment keeps growing, which allows for the handling of numerous decentralized apps and any Solana smart contract without network congestion issues.
Greener ecosystem


Solana uses PoH, which works in tandem with PoS that use less energy, and make Solana much more environmentally friendly.
Easier to use Rust programming language of Solana is more accessible for coding and building applications like blockchains, decentralized apps, marketplaces or games and NFT, etc.
Composability Users can innovate with their virtual assets and easily incorporate NFTs, bidding, and trading through the composability feature.

How to make NFT on Solana

If you are wondering how to make solana nft, here you can do everything without any line of code.

And here are the basic features your NFT marketplace needs:

  • Crypto Wallet

Set up your wallet with Solana’s cryptocurrency (SOL) as you need it for any NFT transaction. Solana supports a range of browser wallets so you can choose any that you prefer, for example, Metamask or Phantom. Fund your wallet with SOL tokens or transfer funds from another one. Make sure that users synchronize their crypto wallets with the NFT marketplace.

  • Create a Solsea account

Solsea is a platform allows users to upload their files to create an NFT or an entire collection directly, and also allows creators to embed copyright licenses into NFTs.

Just connect your Wallet to the Solsea platform that will give it the permission to link to your funds and transactions.

Low gas fees make it ideal for those, who want to create solana nft.

  1. Create an NFT collection

to create an NFT collection, where you will store your NFTs, choose “Create” tab and “Collection”

add your title and description

you need to upload your icon and header image

you can add your social media accounts and website to attract more visitors and more buzz for your collection

click on “Create Collection” and sign the transactions to mint your collection. After confirmation head over to Wallet and click on “My Collection”.

  • Create an NFT

–   click on “Create” tab and choose “NFT”

–   upload your image file with supported formats

–   add your title and description

–   set the royalty payments – choose % according to your business plan. 

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How to create NFT on Solana with Metaplex

Metaplex is the fastest and most affordable NFT ecosystem, where you get to own your NFT storefront with no additional fees and no middlemen.

For this purpose, you’ll need some smart contract development and Metaplex usage. You will need to complete the next steps:

–   Prepare a Solana wallet

–   Setup a Candy Machine v2

–   Prepare the assets for the collection

–   Create a Candy Machine and upload the assets

–   Do the actual minting of Solana NFT 

After these basic steps, it’s time to create an NFT minting website. Although developing your own NFTs project can be tricky without programming knowledge as this process needs the relevant NFT development and testing, so as a professional IT company we recommend you hire reliable NFT and smart contracts developers.

You can also add some custom features to your project:

–   Whitelist: Give specific buyers minting access before others

–   Delayed reveal: After mint/purchase, you can choose a date in the future to reveal NFT

–   Airdrop: Surprise your community by sending them your NFTs for free

And many other Custom features: Get a customized smart contract and minting website to fit your unique needs.

How much does it cost to create an NFT?

Prices, obviously, depend on the project’s complexity. Also, NFT development depends on the location of the team, so the cost of launching an NFT wallet will cost from $ 25,000 (Eastern Europe) to $ 70,000 (US), for example. If you want to calculate how much does it cost to create an nft collection, you need to know the cost of running an NFT platform on Solana. NFT marketplace can cost you from $ 35,000 to $ 100,000. Although, to launch an NFT Collection and mint website can cost you roughly $10,000.

Want to know more about the costs – read our article on the cost of NFT collection

Summing up

Solana has come a long way and its ecosystem has the potential to become the top smart-contract platforms of the future. Low transaction fees and high speed are compelling reasons to consider Solana when developing your own NFT marketplace.

If you have decided to create your Own Solana NFT we are here to help you to turn your business idea into a perfect development roadmap. Book a free consultation with our NFT and smart contracts developer now!

Feel free to contact us for free consultation and we’ll select the appropriate stack for your project together!

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