Omnichain NFTs – Guide to the Future Trend

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Omnichain NFTs – Guide to the Future Trend | OmiSoft

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NFT gold rush gains permanently as its rarity and uniqueness are influential in the investment world.

A blockchain-based tokenization bubbled into the mainstream and the opportunities for entrepreneurs and the whole business system are growing, which doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. And when it comes to NFTs, the main choice of the investors is the Ethereum blockchain for selling, while there are more alternative platforms (Solana, Flow, Tron, etc.) for NFT minting and creating.

When choosing any blockchain for the merge nft, just ensure that all parameters are robust and efficient for your needs.

Recently, a new level in NFT has appeared – Omnichain NFTs that is the latest buzzword in the Web3 world.

Understanding Omnichain NFTs and LayerZero

The recent boom has started from LayerZero Labs, a Canadian-based agency that built technology for communicating with all Ethereum Virtual Machines. As the result – the LayerZero creates the backbone of all omnichain nfts.

What Are Omnichain NFTs

Zooming in, the new technology Omnichain makes Web3 more accessible to users as they can switch their NFTs between two or more blockchains.

This new trending format allows users to solve current issues such as interoperability, many second-layer platforms, high gas fees, etc.

“an NFT that exists as one instance across many blockchains”

The whole conception of omnichain nft is that a single NFT or an NFT collection can be launched across different blockchains at once. As smart contracts are deployed to multiple compatible blockchains on supported chains, NFTs can have different characteristics depending on what chain they are based on.

And the first Omnichain free-minting collection Gh0stly Gh0sts was launched earlier this year and could become a historically significant collection.

“Omnichain is the future”

In simple words, this Messaging protocol cuts down the additional verification, and also NFTs can exist in much wider ways.

Thus, an NFT development is configured to tightly integrate Omnichain products across different protocols.

Omnichain Nft Benefits

–   The protocol that synchronizes data between blockchains

–   On the way to become a big part in trading and wrapping NFTs within metaverses

–   Don’t require additional trust assumptions and separate verification consensus

–   Low transaction fee, faster smart contract execution (no additional intermediary layers)

LayerZero in a nutshell

Essentially, the subject of much chatter has appeared from LayerZero Labs who created the interoperability protocol that supports dApps.

LayerZero Protocol enables interoperability between blockchains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with the nearest perspective to join non-EVM blockchains.

As a transport layer it provides the communication across multiple blockchains by smart contracts.

For example, if you want to deploy a smart contract on Solana, you’re able to interact with it and use it on various blockchains and even calm gas wars upon minting your NFTs.

The Omnichain technology creates a new ecosystem for NFTs and opens up the market to those who prefer non-Ethereum smart contract blockchains.

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How to launch a NFT Project

If you’re thinking about launching your own NFT project, it’s time to complete the basic steps:

Find NFT Artists and the Development Team

To hire some talent you need to understand what type of art you are looking for, the whole idea of your project. NFT marketplaces, Fiverr or even Twitter can be helpful to find an experienced artist that fits your style.

If you are engaged with a dedicated team of NFT developers from one of the top German companies, you can build up the project from the very first step together.

Identify Your Marketplace for Selling NFTs

Obviously, different marketplaces determine things like its gas fees and the type of smart contracts, so pay attention to what type of business you’re going to build and what customer bases from each platform you’re targeting.

The latest NFT projects are wider in options as you can benefit from using alternative blockchains or creating your own NFT platform. Or you might be interested in your own NFT marketplace development as well.

It gives you more control of your NFT launch.

Determine and Developing a Smart Contract

Smart contracts are the core of every NFT sale and it’s basic to understand the cost and the proportions of your profits. This is why it’s important not to take smart contract development for granted and hire an experienced smart contracts developer who can take care of your business needs.

The potential average profits breakdown from a sold NFT:

–   75%  artists

–   15% marketplace

–   10% royalties

Though, launching your NFT project on the custom personalized and advanced smart contract let you avoid conventional marketplace payments. To develop a secure and resilient project it’s time to find reliable NFT developers and smart contracts developers to do all hard-coding and soft-testing. Teamwork can cover lots of vulnerabilities.

Build a Website and Display the Roadmap

Set up your user-friendly and understandable platform with all needed features for customers. They need to understand clearly all benefits that your product has. Also make sure, that your website is stable and technically prepared for traffic.

Roadmap is a strategic planning tool to show the first and the highest priority things from the first sight. It should help to attract visitors and to make them stay.

Usually, NFT websites have only one page. And if you are curious to create NFT minting website here are the main components of it:

–   RoadMap

–   FAQ

–   Contact information

–   Mint Button

–   Usage Rights 


As soon as your project is ready to see the world, it’s time for nft developers to do their job – to test it for bugs, errors, check the functionality, usability and security in general.

Marketing and Promotion

Build a strong and loyal community. Use Social Media, offer your customers different benefits from special early-bird offers and airdrops, to exclusive items to buy. Create the FOMO mood and promote your product to invite people to be more involved in the project.

To learn more details check out our special article here at OmiSoft Blog, an expertise-sharing place of the leading blockchain and NFT companies.

To Sum Up

The bigger picture of NFT world dictates new methods to be created.

Fundamentally, bridging technology still contains lots of security issues, fees, different sets of protocols, etc, that led to developing new multichain protocols to reduce these problems.

The new Omnichain era began in the NFT world, which supports cross-blockchain communication while benefiting the holders through arbitrage trading and cheaper gas fees.

The huge impact is coming as Omnichain NFTs could ultimately benefit Ethereum, so you can jump in at the very early stage to increase your profits. And our developing team is here to answer all your questions – feel free to get your personal free consultation!  

OmiSoft experts will help you to bring your challenging ideas to life – just contact us today and our nft developers will eagerly take up your project!

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