Dedicated IT Development Team: What Benefits It Brings and Why It Is Needed

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Dedicated IT development team: what benefits it brings and why it is needed

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Dedicated development team is a team of software development expert who will work exclusively for your company but will be hired by an external company. The reason why such teams are called “dedicated” is because they work exclusively for one specific project.

This outsourcing engagement model is focused on your product until you need it. Basically, it can be the perfect solution for startups who are looking to save on resources, as well as for midsize companies if you need developers with necessary skills.

Long-term advantages are expected when you work with a dedicated software team and will be chosen exactly for your tasks. It provides flexibility in the work scope and tasks, as well as in changes in costs and resources. Flexibility also applies to the dedicated development company itself. If necessary, the client can increase or decrease its number.

What it brings?

As the popularity of this model grows, more and more companies hire dedicated software development teams, especially for developing large-scale, long-term software projects where requirements can often change, as the project is managed by specially appointed experts. Let’s look closer at the benefits it can bring to the table.

Key advantages of hiring dedicated IT development team:


Save time and money

The costs of hiring of the dedicated development team are much lower than building your own software development team, especially if you’re a successful company and don’t want to waste your time in looking for different IT specialists separately. It can save up to 25% of a company’s total costs.

You don’t need to worry about renting an office for a team, purchasing equipment, paying electricity bills, etc. The whole team is in one place. Not to mention expenses for recruiting, onboarding, and infrastructure setup. A reliable tech partner can solve these and other problems for emerging startups and established companies which are facing time constraints.

The speed of project launch and implementation is also a goal. Their dedication to the project helps to achieve the maximum efficiency and high speed of completing the tasks.

Flexibility A dedicated team model is exactly what large and flexible projects need. Want to make some modifications or completely change the direction? Not a problem! If changes or new requirements are emerging you can easily extend the team or cut the number of experts at any time.
Transparency The model is most reliable for the customer of all the engagement models.

You directly manage your outsource team and set a communication frequency which is most convenient for you. Transparent communication helps to build trust and allows outsourcing professionals to focus on the quality which helps to avoid any significant delays in the business’s launch date.

 Confidence Dedicated team model allows the customer to have complete control over team members and manage the entire software development process. A nice perk is that during the work on your project, your development team can explain certain aspects of the process in clear terms, thus giving you the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about development in general.

You get access to a broader pool of skills. Mature processes and strong Information security management included as well.

Delegated management A vendor puts together a full-stack team but also can lead and coordinate it every step of the way. This is another reason why many companies that have neither technology expertise nor experience in managing IT projects choose this model.

If you hire a dedicated developer or team, this allows you to compensate for the lack of experts to realize your unique business idea.

Predictable budget The total cost of the project is formed depending on the assigned tasks and the amount of time required in which to complete them.

You know exactly what you’re paying for.

Quality The team you hire is completely equipped with the necessary knowledge. The team members have a deep understanding of business goals. Their dedication to the project and professionalism helps to achieve the maximum efficiency and high speed of completing the tasks.

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Partnership with an outsource-developer is one of the most effective tools for optimization of company business processes. When properly building partnership relations, the outsourcing team can become not only an “insurance” or “reserve hands” for the current tasks, but a strategic asset for productive business development.

How is a Dedicated IT development team different from other engagement schemes?

Time & Material

Usually clients prefer “Time & Material” when it’s difficult to determine product-market fit, launch dates and project life cycle.

You can split the project into iterations with specific duration. As the result of each iteration, you receive the unique version of the product.

At the same time, it’s hard to determine the final budget and terms of each stage of the project in advance. Also that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll work with the same team all the time, which is another drawback of this model

Fixed Price

If you know exactly what do you want from your product and have very strict deadlines – you will have a clear roadmap and fixed deadlines for every aspect of the project. The vendor sets a fixed budget, with predetermined payment dates, and a set deadline for completion.

In general, the client is not involved in significant management or communication during the development process

If a company has one or even a series of simple, clearly thought out software projects then this model will be a good choice.

Obviously, for fintech or blockchain projects it’s not suitable because of hidden costs.

When is a dedicated IT development team needed?

–       Fast-growing start-ups

If you’re planning to have non-stop growth in your business to increase efficiency and productivity, than keep in mind the dedicated IT development team as the best option.

This model provides a minimum time gap between the moment you made a decision to set up a project and the start of the actual work.

The dedicated team model is all about productivity, which is so important in the first business steps.

–       No outlined requirements

Wise solution for companies, whose product needs additional research. You can hire dedicated developer if you need to develop a product quickly without sacrificing quality.

–       Long-term project

The team is dedicated to one client and has one set of business objectives in mind — your business objectives. This model is good for long-term projects with requirements and frequent scope modifications to release the full potential of your product.

As a rule, dedicated staff have a deep understanding of your business and domain, know the market, competition and technologies inside and out. It impacts performance, speed and overall product strategy.

Long-term partnership with a professional team is a win-win combination, with highly motivated partners on your side.

Final thoughts

For a long-term cooperation with a higher degree of complexity and need for adaptability, every company needs a reliable and trustworthy team, which a dedicated team model can provide.

You’ll save time and money while hiring the best available specialists. What is more, you have the team under your full control.

Why OmiSoft Is A Good Choice While Hiring Dedicated IT Team?

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Our free consultation can help you to understand what model is the most suitable for your project and budget.

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