Telegram Games Developer Magic Explained from a Business Perspective

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Telegram is mostly used as a secure messaging program, but only a few know that it also offers a variety of games. The opportunities are endless, like entertaining multiplayer games or bots for trading, casinos, slots, etc.

But Telegram game development is not just there; it’s in high demand. Why? The main reason lies in the convenience, lack of big competition yet, high ROI, and the list can go on and on. And that’s what we want to chat about today in this blog post.

Why Telegram?—Industry Trends Explained

The mobile development industry is rapidly evolving, as are our lives. To remain competitive in the digital industry, companies must use the potential of chat applications such as Telegram to create games. But why Telegram?

The app employs E2E encryption mechanisms to provide safe access to users’ content, channel subscriptions, and bots. Clients prioritize anonymity when selecting a messaging provider, and users may establish hidden conversations or set them to self-destruct. Telegram is a favorite of various users, from news outlets to the military sector, and its emphasis on anonymity has paid off, with 800M active users visiting the program each month.

What’s a Telegram bot?

Telegram bots are custom programs that may do various activities in the chat upon request. Bots have various categories:

  • Chatbots 
  • News bots
  • Game bots
  • Assistant bots

Usability is a key feature of all bots. The screen displays a welcome message initially. Users may fully engage with the bot after hitting “Start” and seeing the “Commands” menu. 

Telegram bots’ benefits are obvious:

  • Available 24/7
  • User requests are answered instantly
  • Simple, intuitive UI 
  • No other applications needed
  • Security of personal data
  • Limitless possibilities

If you want to develop a bot, it’s always wise to use professional services to get a high-quality Telegram game. Can’t wait to start? Contact us and our Telegram game developer will make your idea happen.

Bots as a Business Model—Reality or Imagination?

There are several methods for monetizing bots based on their type. Gaming bots are fantastic for occupying yourself on public transportation or in line; however, they are not full-featured games as we play on PCs, consoles, or smartphones.

Casino Telegram Games

Casino games are a great example of gaming bots. Here are some examples of the most popular ones:

Online casinos may be replaced with Telegram ones. Players use the app’s UX, while operators control alerts and newsletters, content, game setups, bonus modules, payment methods, etc. via the backend administration system.

Casinos on Telegram provide a dynamic and engaging experience with enhanced security and confidentiality, as well as quick cryptocurrency payments, allowing players to deposit and withdraw cash and utilize it right away.

Automation magic

Telegram casino games may operate as a solo or affiliate of an online casino. The product’s simplicity—register using the Telegram bot, authorize, and play—is a selling factor. Telegram bots may automate: 

  • Customer service conversations
  • Payment processing
  • Game alerts
  • Personalized advertisements
  • Player engagement activities. 

Bots may also help to streamline casino operations by automating backend activities. Telegram gambling games are more user-friendly than online casinos, therefore they attract more users, which in turn brings higher revenue. 

Cheaper advertising

Telegram bots may be advertised via modern marketing techniques. Social media and chat applications make advertising cheaper and simpler, and bots may become viral. The bot’s success is due to its simplicity and ability to access an online casino via the chat app. Such casinos show how companies can utilize social media and gaming to create products consumers love.

Telegram Mini-Games

Casinos are not the only game type you can explore for your business. Users may play anything from blackjack and slots to video poker and roulette and place bets on big sports events. There are a bunch of other things a professional Telegram game dev can do for you. Here are a few examples of already existing Telegram mini-games:

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to Telegram game development. However, keep in mind that the success of the game will be highly dependent on the quality of the product itself. It’s crucial to go for the Telegram game development team, who know what they are doing. Let’s explore the key factors to consider.

How to pick the right Telegram games developer?

People who are new to the Telegram game development world but who discovered that’s one of the most profitable niches in the market rush to get a Telegram game developer to launch a game bot as soon as possible. Though we understand the desire to get the product to users earlier than your competitor, rush decisions are rarely successful. When choosing the dev team you need to check these three factors:

  • Proven track record of niche experience. Not just any experience in development, but cases of Telegram bot and Telegram game development
  • Individual approach. It’s not easy to stand out among competitors, which is why your development team needs to know how to provide creative ideas and enhance the gaming experience.
  • Professional communication style. Mutual understanding is a key to successful development of any kind. When you are hiring Telegram game developers, make sure they are open to the communication streams you are comfortable with. Also, you should have on-time responses and open development processes.

Taking some time when choosing the right Telegram game dev can save you a lot of effort and resources on re-dos.

The bottom line—Why OmiSoft?

We don’t need to brag, but we hit all of the factors that we discussed earlier. But also, OmiSoft can provide:

  • A pool of top experienced talents
  • Timely delivery within your budget
  • High-quality solutions 

If you need a professional Telegram game developer to make your idea happen, OmiSoft is a hub of expert developers that can cover all your needs. Just hit us up and create not just a game but a profitable business venture.

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