DeFi Lending & Borrowing Platform: How to Build P2P Business

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DeFi Lending & Borrowing Platform: How to build P2P business | OmiSoft

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In the Decentralized Finance world the main beneficial protocol of the ecosystem is undoubtedly the conception of the Lending & Borrowing platform. To ride the DeFi wave that offers innovation in efficiency, access, and transparency, more and more business enterprises are starting a peer to peer lending businesses as the industry is likely to grow to $150 billion by 2025.

What is DeFi and how does P2P lending work?

DeFi is a type of blockchain resource giving access to finance to otherwise unbanked solutions.

In a word, DeFi is a platform, where investors and lenders are given loans or deposits to earn interest by using a nationally distributed system (Dapps).

DeFi platforms enable crypto users to swap, deposit and save their assets on the platforms; a borrower can take a loan with a decentralized platform called p2p crypto lending. Lending and borrowing in DeFi platforms are real peer-to-peer transactions.

The DeFi Lending platform works similar to the traditional bank’s protocols. The only issue is the peer to peer lending software itself – the platform has to be user-friendly, secure, and reliable with a number of features to hook the audience.


DeFi Lending

–       Users deposit their assets and earn interest when someone borrows those assets

–       Borrowers initiate the process by depositing assets as collateral

–       Smart contract dictates the loan terms and after deploying on a blockchain network its operations can be stopped only when both parties agree to the terms

–       The lenders earn high returns from the borrowers with clear understanding of risks as DeFi relies on a transparent blockchain

Despite some risks of using blockchain peer-to-peer lending (Liquidity and Technical Risk), DeFi is one of the fastest-growing blockchain development services in the ecosystem and step-by-step is replacing the traditional system.

–       Liquidity Risk (the use of liquidity pools can affect interest rate volatility)

 –       Technical Risk (DeFi lending protocols use smart contracts, so there is the risk of cyberattacks). To prevent vulnerabilities there are important things to think about in terms of security and auditing your smart contract – hit OmiSoft up to get more information on how to protect your product  

The popularity of DeFi platforms is thanks to the benefits they provide, moreover, the whole system has revolutionized the financial sector’s work principles.

DeFi Lending vs Traditional Banking System

To apply for a loan in the bank you need to go through the number of approval steps (credit history, assets and income sources, KYC details, etc.), also you can only be the borrower.

Meanwhile crypto peer-to-peer lending allows you to borrow money via p2p network on a DeFi platform and you can lend your funds to people for commissions.

The huge difference is in the time as well: borrowing from banks can take weeks – borrowing from a DeFi platform takes seconds.

Benefits & Features of DeFi lending


Quick loan issuance

No documentation checks and identity verification from banks!

Just register, choose the loan option, deposit the collateral and everything is ready to start. 

Legal compliance Legal regulations and AML principles of the system are transparent but anonymous and confidential
Smart creditworthiness analysis tools Advanced creditworthiness tools analyze data, adjust APYs according to the supply and demand dynamics
Permissionless approach Open access to the Dapps.  It’s created to serve every person regardless of gender, financial or social status.
Transparency Transactions are anonymous, but you can always track operations between crypto wallets
Blockchain immutability Smart contracts are pre-programmed, automated, and secured which guarantees immutability. No data manipulations to forge transactions
Programmability Smart contracts allow automatic execution of terms and conditions between the parties, and users have full freedom of activities on the blockchain
Interoperability Cross-chain transactions can be used as the after-effect of complementarity and increasing integrations
Self-governance There is no need for a middleman, which gives more power and freedom to users. Personal control of funds

The whole DeFi system is beneficial and undoubtedly ensures broader coverage. Top blockchain software development companies choose to build P2P lending apps using Ethereum, Solana, and Binance blockchains, but there is always a choice for your personal preferences

Key features of DeFi lending are the following:

–   Flash Loan

It allows funds to be borrowed and returned back in seconds without collateral. No time limits, just a single transaction.

–   DeFi wallets

Support multiple wallets as existing ones as custom wallets with a variety of cryptocurrencies and stable coins.

–   Fiat Gateway

The feature allows users to purchase digital assets with fiat currencies.

This blockchain peer to peer lending opens opportunities to millions of users, and brings security and transparency to a digital network in global industries.

–   Rate Switching

All users can switch between stable and variable interest rates as the crypto asset market is highly volatile.

–   Investment rewards

Lenders can use these platforms to earn passive income from crypto assets. DeFi yield farming involves lending cryptocurrencies to profitable platforms to maximize profits.

How to build a DeFi P2P lending and borrowing platform


Discovery phase

Choose a target market and blockchain network, identify and describe the primary objectives of the blockchain development project.

Collect the requirements

Define the core features and create a blockchain overall sketch. The conception of the business logic for the product helps you optimize the budget and reduce project risks.

UX and UI design

Functional and intuitive user interface is a must, so flexible UI/UX is an option to add more features with time
Setup a team Professional blockchain engineer will help you to choose the right technology and framework, so your choice should be based on the long-term focus with a team, who knows how to start peer to peer lending and understands how to build a credit business.
Develop a P2P Platform This stage is all about putting the platform’s logic and operations into smart contracts. It requires developers with high-level blockchain expertise.
Create a web portal Maximum number of payment gateways and major languages should be integrated by default, your web portal needs a unique and intuitive interface
Test the site and platform The testing phase is where you need to find all vulnerabilities or flaws, analyze the product from start to finish and check how to improve the site, look for any weaknesses to protect your product from hackers. So basically you test

–   Security

–   Usability

–   Performance

Launch Now you’re complete and ready-to-launch product needs to be launched to a significant audience. Conduct a marketing campaign, offer first borrowers and investors discounts, referral programs, special interest rates, and so on. Just don’t forget about scammers and hackers who can try to attack the new product.
Start the Technical Support Service Get feedback from users to catch and fix errors and bugs after launching, you can also improve features and elements according to the people’s needs to make the platform more convenient.

Closing Thoughts

Defi lending and borrowing platforms can transform the whole financial system, which is already happening. Despite the cryptocurrency volatility risks, DeFi lending and borrowing platforms provide crucial benefits with tremendous opportunities for developers and business systems in general.

You can get all benefits from your own DeFi lending project by developing your DeFi lending protocols and reap the rewards. Our developing team believes that DeFi lending can completely transform the global economic environment and we are dedicated to develop unique solutions for a better and easier financial future.

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