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How To Build Taxi Booking Mobile App Like a Pro?

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+ 250000

regular service users

8 months

of project maintenance

17 cities

LigaTaxi is in

3 countries

with service access - Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria

Project Overview

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Industry: Mobility

Client Location: caselogo4 Ukraine


A cost-effective set of iOS and Android app development services, including updating and bug fixing, and upgrading to React Native

Pain points / challenge:

Picking up the app like Uber after the crisis and quickly fixing the issues that occurred because of the lack of maintenance

Services used:

Business Challenge

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When working on this Uber-like app project, OmiSoft had plenty of challenges. Here are some of the issues that were found and needed to be addressed right away to assure the product’s future success in a highly competitive market

Loss of in-house development team

The client had problems during the global crisis, which led to the unfortunate loss of their in-house development team. The lack of Android and iOS application development teams left a gap in the skills and resources required to sustain and improve the mobile product.

Compatibility difficulties with Android and iOS updates

As new versions of Android and iOS were released, LigaTaxi apps faced compatibility issues, and some of the features failed. These compatibility concerns were a substantial barrier that called for fast iOS and Android app development solutions.

Lack of regular upkeep and bug fixes

The lack of a dedicated taxi booking app development team to address maintenance and bug fixes has proven to be a serious challenge. Without rapid attention to resolving issues, the product’s reliability decreased, and users had a poor experience. Timely bug fixes and maintenance are critical for the success and reputation of any mobile product.

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In the beginning

OmiSoft provided a complete solution to solve the difficulties and improve the overall performance of the client’s taxi app like Uber. To revive the product and improve the customer experience, the following actions were taken:

Thorough analysis to identify improvement areas

This step served as the foundation for developing a viable solution.

Upgrading the development framework to React Native

This increased the overall efficiency of taxi app solution and allowed for enhanced compatibility with different devices.

Updating relevant SDKs and libraries

OmiSoft made sure that the mobile product included the most up-to-date features to improve the product’s functionality and compatibility with different OSs.

Fast issue resolution

By dealing with these issues front-on, OmiSoft guaranteed that the product’s stability had been fixed and that users had a smooth experience.

Successful updating

The new and enhanced version of the mobile product has been launched on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. We also did iOS app store optimization (ASO) to boost app conversion rates and get more downloads.

OmiSoft effectively handled the taxi app alternative’s difficulties by deploying these solutions. Our team breathed new life into the product, ensuring that it matched customer expectations and remained competitive in the market.

Tech Stack used




Redux Toolkit



Firebase Auth

Firebase Auth


Push Notifications

Business Results

OmiSoft’s solution and teamwork resulted in big commercial gains for our client, including increased stability and a better user experience. The product now works properly, resolving the previously experienced issues. As a result, LigaTaxi reached 250.000+ regular service users and was adopted in 17 cities in Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria.

The client was able to benefit from cost-effective maintenance services by collaborating with OmiSoft, eliminating the need to develop their own delivery team. This has cut their budget expenses and allowed for more effective resource deployment. Overall, OmiSoft’s efforts have improved the client’s operating efficiency. With the product working effectively and requiring minimum maintenance, the customer can concentrate on key business processes and strategic ambitions. Want to build an app like Uber or already have an app that needs help? Our Android and iOS app development teams can help you achieve business success!

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