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Auction Website Development for Better Website Performance

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Project Overview


Industry: Retail

Client Location: caselogo2 Georgia


OmiSoft's solution involved the development of comprehensive mobile applications for Android and iOS, seamlessly replicating the features of the web version of the auction portal. It contributed to a significant increase in bid activity, with over a 300% rise in the percentage of successfully completed auctions.

Pain points / challenge:

Developing a mobile application for Android and iOS to boost engagement in car auctions, while also dealing with a poorly performing website that lacked essential features like push notifications for bid updates.

Services used:

Business Challenge


Main Challenge

The primary pain point was the development of a mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms, designed to enhance engagement in automobile auctions. The aim was to create a user-friendly interface that would encourage active participation in buying and selling used cars.

Website’s Performance

LionAuctions faced issues with their website, which adversely affected user experience. The website’s poor performance required users to be constantly tethered to a computer, limiting accessibility. Also, the absence of push notifications became a crucial drawback, as users were unable to receive timely alerts when their bids were surpassed by others. These challenges underscored the need for a comprehensive solution to improve the overall functionality and user engagement of LionAuctions’ platforms.

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In the beginning

OmiSoft addressed LionAuctions’ challenges by developing comprehensive mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. These applications were meticulously designed to offer users the same robust features and functionalities available on the web version of the auction portal. By extending the auction experience to mobile devices, we ensured convenience for both buyers and sellers, fostering increased engagement and participation in car auctions.

User-Friendly Interface

The mobile applications not only replicated the web version’s capabilities but also introduced a user-friendly interface optimized for the mobile environment. This allowed users to seamlessly navigate auctions, place bids, and receive real-time updates, eliminating the need for a constant connection to a computer. OmiSoft’s solution not only resolved the challenge of limited accessibility but also enhanced the overall user experience, making the car auction process more convenient and accessible for a broader audience.

Tech Stack used









Business Results

Online Car Auction Mobile App

Since the implementation of the solution, the LionAuctions project has achieved significant success and is experiencing rapid development in its production phase. The introduction of the mobile applications for Android and iOS has proven to be a game-changer for LionAuctions, contributing to a substantial increase in the number of bids placed on the platform. The convenience of accessing auctions through mobile devices has resulted in a remarkable surge in user engagement.

Auction Portal Success in Numbers

One of the key indicators of the solution’s success is the exponential growth in the number of bids, indicating heightened user activity and interest in the car auction platform. Moreover, the percentage of successfully completed auctions has witnessed an impressive increase of over 300%. This remarkable improvement underscores the positive impact of the solution on LionAuctions’ business outcomes, demonstrating not only increased user participation but also enhanced efficiency in auction processes.

Marketplace Website Support

Furthermore, our team continues to provide small but crucial support, ensuring that the mobile applications remain optimized and function smoothly. This ongoing support reflects our commitment to maintaining a high-quality product and contributing to the sustained success of LionAuctions in the competitive online car auction market.



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