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$ 30000

product budget

12 months

of product support

3 months

of product development

4 people

in the development and support team

Project Overview


Industry: Health & Wellness

Client Location: italy-flag Italy


Mobile app development for iOS and Android with a function to open special sport boxes via Bluetooth after purchasing a subscription to the service

Pain points / challenge:

Creating an innovative fitness and wellness app that allowed only the right people to open boxes with sports equipment in a short timeframe

Services used:

Business Challenge


Main Challenge

Let’s break down all the challenges that OmiSoft’s Android and iOS mobile app development team faced working on the Care Sport startup project.

Making a user-friendly app with an unlock function

It was necessary to create an app that was easy to use for anyone with any level of tech-savvy. The project required the software to help them find sports equipment, rent it, and unlock boxes with the equipment. The challenge lay in making the app and equipment boxes communicate seamlessly via Bluetooth so that the box opened immediately.

Ensuring the highest level of security

Because the application could allow remote access to gym equipment, it had to be protected. The IOS and Android app development team had to ensure that only the appropriate users could use it while guaranteeing that no one else could tamper with it.

Robust remote troubleshooting

In case of any issues with the equipment or app, the mobile app development team needed to provide mechanisms for fast problem-solving. The challenge was creating systems for robust customer service that could work on a remote basis so that the customer service team could diagnose a problem and provide help remotely in time. Also, the short time frame of only 3 months added an extra layer of challenge for custom mobile app development, as did ensuring compatibility and smooth work on any device.

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In the beginning

Finding successful development solutions for the existing challenges was key to the startup’s business model. To develop a solution that matched both functional and user experience objectives, our cross-platform mobile app development company needed a mix of technical competence, innovative problem-solving, and a deep understanding of user needs.
To provide an innovative cross-platform mobile app development service, we:

Developed cross-platform mobile app

Developed 2 mobile apps for iOS and Android, ensuring cross-platform compatibility. So, any user who was interested in trying the new smart alternative for sports could use it regardless of their device.

Provided user-centric UI UX services

We made user experience our priority by developing a user-friendly interface for both iOS and Android. The app received intuitive navigation, easy-to-use features, and a very clear rental process. That was important to ensure that people who are not that tech-savvy had no trouble exploring Care Sport.

Integrated Bluetooth

The OmiSoft team integrated Bluetooth technology into both apps, making sure that the connection is secure and stable. It was important for guaranteeing consistent and fast access to rented boxes with equipment.

Boosted security

Security is always our top priority, but this project required even a higher level of security, as we needed to be sure that only the right people could open those sports boxes. That’s why our team implemented secure authentication and data encryption technologies. With them, users could safely use the app’s features and be sure that their sensitive information was protected, as well as control the equipment boxes.

Created scalable architecture and did continuous improvement

The client aimed high, and we, understanding the areas of potential growth, built the architecture of both apps with scalability in mind so that both apps could handle large amounts of data. We also provided 12 months of maintenance and support services, continuously improving and updating the product. OmiSoft solutions effectively handled the business challenges of the project, elevating it with iOS and Android app development trends. The startup had everything it needed to provide a reliable and convenient way to rent and access sports equipment.

Tech Stack used





postgresql 1







Bluetooth LE

Express js



Realtime Database

nodejs 2


Business Results

After a successful product launch, the business began an open beta UI UX testing phase with gyms. This phase validated the startup’s idea in real time and gathered critical feedback from users. This real-world proof validated the startup’s potential, opening the door for funding discussions. This process of testing and growth helped the startup company set itself up for growth and highlighted its potential in the fitness and wellness market.

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