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Language Learning
App Development
with Tinder-like
Swiping & Video Calls


$ 50000

product budget

6 months

for product development

5 people

development and support team

12 + months

of product support

Project Overview


Industry: EdTech

Client Location: caselogo8 Romania


Launching MVP of online tutoring marketplace in under 3 months and then developing full products for iOS and Android with all the special features required for the language learning app

Pain points / challenge:

Short time frame for MVP in mobile app development and design, integration of Tinder-like swiping and video calling, and using non-industry standard tools for backend language learning app development (client's requirement)

Services used:

Business Challenge


Main Challenges

Our client’s global idea was to build education app for language learning called Duals. The platform aims to help people learn languages and accents by connecting them with native speakers or certified teachers for video lessons. The points teachers earn from teaching students can also be used to learn other languages.

On-Demand Tutor App Development

The projects asked for language learning app design and development in a short time frame, both for iOS and Android. This was the first challenge our on-demand tutor app development team faced. Another layer of challenges was making sure that users could record video presentations, use video calls, and have private lessons in real-time. The next challenge was in the integration of various features into Duals, such as video streaming, Tinder-like swiping, video calling, etc. And in addition, we had to create language learning app using non-industry standard tools for the backend (client’s requirement). As well as ensuring that the educational platform will be able to grow quickly, be stable, and be available all the time.

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In the beginning

To start the educational app development project, the OmiSoft team made a basic product design and chose technologies for further development of all the required services for online language learning. We developed the MVP of both iOS and Android apps in under 3 months that had all the basic features to allow students and teachers to start working.

App Development Process

It took another 3 months for full e-learning mobile app design and development. The app development process included incorporating solutions for video streaming using Twilio video streaming and adding Firebase services to make sure that the apps can store and sync data in real-time across all of the users’ devices. And our language learning app design and development didn’t stop there. After the successful launch of Duals, the apps had around a year of maintenance and updates from the OmiSOft team, to make sure that all the processes and services the app offers ran smoothly.

Tech Stack used









Business Results

Relying on TypeScript, React Native, Twilio, and Firebase services, our team developed and successfully 2 apps for iOS and Android. Duals became an effective intermediary between teachers of foreign languages and people who want to learn these languages. It became a popular marketplace for teachers, the analog of which is Preply.com
The monetization of the product is built based on commission on each payment, and the growth of the user base of the product automatically increases the profit of our client. Wonder how to build an online tutoring platform like Duals? Just contact us and book your free consultation on language learning app development with an OmiSoft specialist!



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