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Multi Vendor Ecommerce Development to Reach 5M+ Active Users


$ 3100000

 in investments

5000000 +

active product users


African countries

3 + years

of product development and support

Project Overview


Industry: Retail

Client Location: caselogo9 Spain


Multi vendor ecommerce website development, creating apps for iOS and Android, and admin panel

Pain points / challenge:

Developing a convenient system for all African countries that covers different languages and time zones and works seamlessly with very slow internet.

Services used:

Business Challenge


Main Challenge

Our client had an idea of a marketplace, CoinAfrique, for African countries like eBay or OLX to make shopping more convenient and facilitate easy buying and selling of both used and new goods. The product aimed to serve as a middleman between the buyer and seller, ensuring the sales agreement was executed as promised. With this idea, they came to our ecommerce marketplace developers, who saw the potential and started working on the project. However, considering the niche, this project was extra challenging and our marketplace development needed to solve such challenges

Covering the multi-country challenges

The CoinAfrique system needed to accommodate the various languages and time zones of African countries and be convenient. It also had to cover different payment systems.

Buttling slow-Internet reality

Considering the prevalence of slow internet connections among customers, it was essential for CoinAfrique to be lightweight and fast.

In-sync system development

Custom marketplace development, which included creating the site and two mobile applications for iOS and Android. Also, implementing an admin panel for system management and dispute resolution by moderators and administrators.

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In the beginning

Our online marketplace software developers kicked off working on the project on the dedicated team model, expanding the client’s team. The close collaboration helped to fulfill the vision by turning the CoinAfrique idea into reality in a short time.

Marketplace mobile app development

We developed a website and mobile applications for iOS and Android to cover all the client’s needs. All these components can communicate with each other through the backend part, the admin panel, which is capable of processing tens of thousands of requests per minute.

Marketplace web development

Our dedicated team of marketplace web development specialists managed time zone differences and provided complete flexibility in communication ways to facilitate the process. We also focused on the product’s speed optimization to allow users to enjoy CoinAfrique even with low Internet connectivity.

Tech Stack used


Vue Storefront



nodejs 2






Express js


Business Results

CoinAfrique was able to attract $3+ million in investment and $5+ million in active users across 16 African countries. The success of the project covered the marketplace app development cost many times over. The marketplace also achieved 1.5 million only for Android app downloads.Our marketplace development service helped CoinAfrique utilize mobile technology and expand its reach in French-speaking Africa, where internet access is limited. The growth of the marketplace has been driven by its focus on creating a user-friendly and accessible space for everyone. With a dedication to innovation, our online marketplace development company helped turn an idea into a successful business. Currently, the client is introducing new features to enhance its platform even more. This has enabled CoinAfrique to maintain a competitive edge and attract new users.



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