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$ 15000

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3 months

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Project Overview


Industry: HealthCare

Client Location: usa USA


OmiSoft, as a chatbot development company, developed an AI-powered chatbot integrated into the client's website, allowing users to upload classified medical documents for instant analysis. This solution provides tailored answers based solely on the content of the uploaded documents, streamlining information retrieval while ensuring privacy and security compliance.

Pain points / challenge:

The client struggled with accessing pertinent medical information swiftly and accurately from a vast array of classified documents, interfering with decision-making processes and potentially compromising patient care.

Services used:

Business Challenge


Main Challenge

Our client faced a challenge in the efficient distribution and retrieval of medical information within their organization. Accessing important information quickly and accurately from the many confidential medical documents has been difficult. Also, there’s a lot of medical information that’s hard to handle, making it tough for employees to find and use what they need.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with privacy and security standards poses an additional challenge. The need to safeguard sensitive medical information is crucial. Simultaneously facilitating seamless access for authorized personnel requires a sophisticated solution that balances accessibility and security carefully. AI chatbot development offers a promising avenue to address these challenges.

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Chatbot Capabilities

As an AI chatbot development company, our team responded to the client’s challenges by developing a sophisticated chatbot solution tailored to their specific needs. We created a chatbot integrated directly into the client’s website. This chatbot allows users to upload classified medical documents securely and receive tailored answers based solely on the content of these documents. The chatbot can swiftly analyze the uploaded documents, extract relevant information, and provide accurate responses, streamlining the process of information retrieval for the client.

Data Interpretation

Our solution also involved enhanOur solution ensures the seamless facilitation of accessing pertinent medical information while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security. Through advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques, the chatbot can interpret complex medical data effectively, enabling authorized personnel to obtain the insights they need without compromising sensitive information. Moreover, our development approach prioritizes user-friendliness and accessibility, ensuring that employees can interact with the chatbot effortlessly, further enhancing productivity and decision-making processes within the organization.cing the API integration, ensuring seamless communication between the client’s system and Adobe CRM. By optimizing the API, we facilitated a smoother data exchange, reducing the previous difficulties in locating and extracting specific metrics. Through careful analysis of the client’s requirements and pain points, our team successfully provided a customized system that not only improved the overall user experience but also significantly increased the speed and accuracy of data retrieval from the Adobe CRM system. As a result, the client gained a more efficient and reliable tool for generating client reports, ultimately enhancing their operational capabilities and client satisfaction.

Tech Stack used

PDF parser

PDF Parser



nodejs 2






Business Results

After experience with our AI chatbot development services, the client got improvements in their business operations. By integrating our AI-powered chatbot with GPT technology, the client gained access to advanced natural language processing capabilities, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of information retrieval. This integration facilitated seamless communication between users and the chatbot, enabling swift and precise responses based on the uploaded medical documents’ content.
Moreover, the utilization of a vector database enabled the client to work with documents of complex formats effectively. This approach not only improved the chatbot’s ability to analyze and interpret diverse medical data but also enhanced the overall user experience. With the ability to handle intricate document structures, the chatbot could provide more comprehensive and accurate responses, empowering users to make informed decisions confidently.



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