Tutor Finder Apps Development

A successful business needs to adapt to market realities. And the reality of 2020 is in that typical millennial mindset of “I want it now”. People don’t want to wait and waste time to fill the craving in any sphere of their life. That results in the outburst of ideas for on-demand business startups.

And education on-demand thought tutor finder apps are no exception. Those apps took the industry of schooling like a storm, as they brought solutions for the exact pain points of it, giving a smooth and more efficient way to connect qualified teachers and suitable students.

And today, we want to show that the development of a mobile application for business is not a luxury but an additional channel of communication, promotion, and sales. You can create a reliable code, cool interface, good design and conquer the market with your unique product.

Here in OmiSoft, we believe that an innovative approach and quality development can solve your business problems. Our tutor finder app services use Uber-like techs that allow users to find the service when they want. But how exactly are those apps connected to Uber? How to develop a successful tutor finder application? Answers to that and more, you can find down below.

How can on-demand service businesses benefit from developing an app?

Thanks to modern IT technologies, modern businesses that offer a variety of services have received additional channels to attract visitors and increase profits. Having a mobile application helps to take a step towards customers and bring business to a new development level.

On-demand service app can solve such tasks:

reporting, income-expense statistics, work efficiency;

automation and optimization of internal processes;

providing a higher level of service for customers;

new convenient opportunities for interaction;

an effective way of promotion, constant advertising of the institution or individual person;

additional profit channel due to monetization;

expanding the geography of services;

a significant advantage over competitors.

Why are Tutor Finder apps so popular?

Tutoring or various names of private lessons is one of the oldest world’s professions. In the educational process, both students and teachers face many hardships. And one of them is not an equal ratio of them. Modern students want to get complete one-on-one attention to get better results in the field they are studying quicker.

Besides, with an increased understanding of the effectiveness of such a form of studying, the number of students has grown tremendously. Creating a bunch of other issues like:

  • Lack of individual attention in over-filled classrooms
  • Learning methods are not tailored to the needs of a student
  • Working parents — less parental guidance and help
  • Hardships of finding reliable private tutors
  • Constant pressure on students to do well

And the majority of these issues can be partly or wholly solved by tutor finder apps, which explains the popularity of them. Modern entrepreneurs understand that and strive to develop on-demand educational apps that work like Uber. Those new solutions help parents and students meet their goals – by helping students and tutors meet through the user-friendly app. Anyone can find a tutor for homeschooling, in-house tutoring or video sessions. The process is no more challenging than getting an Uber! Moreover, such apps are popular as they are an excellent workplace for qualified specialists that are looking for an extra income or even a full-time job. They can also support educational institutions of various levels and learning centers in the process of finding students.

Functionality of Tutor Finder App

The peculiarity of tutor apps means that you are not actually creating only one app. You are developing three dedicated interconnected apps or creating one with three panels in it. Those special panels or dedicated apps should cover all the needs of students, teachers and managing staff. Let’s go more deeply into the required features for each one of them.

Student App Features

Sign-up & Login: That should be a quick and easy sign-up process with future login using email and password or using social media.

Searching for Suitable Tutors: Students can browse the profiles of registered tutors and use special filters to select their region, preferred education field or subject. Also, online tutoring and the availability of in-person meetings should be indicated.

View Teacher’s Profiles: All tutors’ profiles should be open and show the teaching experience, field of expertise, qualification, credentials, student reviews and rates per hour. Tutor Booking: Students can book a suitable online or in-person teacher to help in any skill or subject they need. To do that student creates a request or messages a particular teacher.

In-app communication: This feature allows students and tutors to chat, discuss any problems, create a suitable time table, or make other negotiations.

Push Notifications: Students or parents are receiving notifications and alerts about upcoming classes or any special offers.

In-app Payment: Paying for the class regardless if it is online or in-person can be cashless. Uber-like payment systems are great examples of that.

Ratings & Reviews: Parents or students themselves can leave a rating and short review of tutors based on their teaching approach, skills and professionalism.

Tutor App Features

Sign Up: Same as in the student app, tutors should also sign up with an email, id or social platform.

Making a Profile: The feature for creating a dynamic profile. Teachers can add their qualifications, degrees, teaching experience and available time.

Receiving Request: When a student sends a request to book a lesson, the tutors can either accept or reject it.

Control Earnings: This feature allows tutors to check and control their total income daily, weekly, or monthly.

Schedule control: Tutors can keep up with all their ongoing tuition details and edit their schedule when they need. Also, there is an option for rescheduling and cancelling.

Whiteboard: Cool feature that allows teachers to write, graph functions, draw, and share files. That is extremely important for online lessons.

Video Calls: That is obvious for an online connection. Video call feature facilitates seamless tutor-student communication in real-time.

Admin Panel

Dashboard: It provides a way to control and have quick access to essential data like the total number of registered tutors or students, total bookings, total earnings, etc.

Management of Tutors/Students: This feature allows admin to manage teachers and students, activate and deactivate accounts, make profile changes.

Reports: Weekly and monthly reports on all in-app processes from the number of lessons to most booked tutors to earnings.

Earnings control: This feature allows the admin to set commissions and check earnings at any time.

Messages: Administration can send in-app messages to students/teachers personally or send mail to all users.

Notifications: This feature allows the admin to send messages and alerts about upcoming events, promotions, discounts, etc.

Management of Reviews: Special features for managing reviews that students leave about teachers.

5 Features to create a top Tutor Finder app

Currently, Wyzant and Ace tutors are both “reigning kings” of on-demand tutor finder applications. Both of them help students, regardless of their age, to find the most suitable tutors. But what makes those apps so successful?

Here we gathered five features that Wyzant and Ace tutors have, that you should consider if you want your feature app to achieve even better results.

  1. Make the process of finding a suitable tutor as quick and easy as possible. Create an advanced search that will allow students to look for all the nearby teachers based on their location, field of expertise, skills, reviews and rates per hour. To make your feature app stand out among competitors, make sure to allow users to compare selected tutors. That will help them choose the most suitable option for their unique needs and get the best experience.
  2. Make both online and in-person classes available. Having more options for studying makes education tension-free. Students can find help when they need it and easily decide to book registered tutors, which will only grow the popularity of your service.
  3. Various communication ways. One-on-one chats, group chats, messaging, and emails help students and teachers always be connected and receive instant answers. Students should always have a way to message their teachers when they need help. Besides, it helps to build more personal connections that will grow the loyalty to the platform.
  4. Safe & secure payments. One of the most important things in creating a tutor finder app. Your future solution should be safe, which is possible to obtain by implementing the most secure payment gateways and various payment options from credit/debit cards, PayPal and others of your choice. Also, make sure that you only charge students for completed courses or classes, but not for pre-booked lessons. As paying in advance is usually a stopping factor for many users, as they are not sure of the service that they are going to receive.
  5. Ratings & Reviews. A very important and common trait of Uber-like apps that makes them so popular. As all can agree, choosing a teacher or any other service based on reviews is much more comfortable. Ratings and reviews help students know the best and most demanded tutors in their area, which makes making a decision to book a tutor doubt-free.

Your tutoring app will enhance the learning process if:

It automates administrative tasks and thereby makes them easier. Teachers and tutors will want to join your platform as they can get more time with their students earning money, rather than spending a lot of time doing boring admin work.

Gives new and innovative ways of teaching. Modern technologies make life not only more comfortable but also help to use time, resources, and skills more effectively. Implementing new smart techs in our app will be beneficial to both students and teachers.

Makes learning personal. Have you seen personal recommendations on Netflix? You should implement the same technology in your app. This way, both students and tutors will receive the best experience with your app.

Make it global. Have a global approach to developing. Modern technologies like AI bring drastic transitions, facilitating learning of any course or subject from anywhere in the world and at any time. Incorporate it to help your future app to eliminate borders in education.

How can OmiSoft help?

High-end UX

Our specialists have the resources and knowledge to develop a fully-function tutor finder mobile app that is not only rich in performance but also visually attractive. We are happy to create user-friendly and eye-catching mobile solutions that will make it easy for you to provide a high-end user experience to your target audience.

Secure Development Solutions

Working with OmiSoft, you will get absolute secrecy of your app idea. Our sophisticated infrastructure has all resources to avoid any security breaches. Moreover, we also use advanced technologies to make your apps secure for high-performance and the best user experience.

Dedicated Team of Specialists

We provide you with expert developers and designers that you can hire on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis, whatever works for you. Get the individual approach, custom solutions and years of experience in mobile development for your project!

The bottom line

Tutor finder apps — are a fresh look at learning innovation. It is a big investment in the future of your existing business or a great idea for a startup. If you want to create an app for your educational institution, or want to develop one from scratch, use our advice to have the best outcome.

Also, if you want to have a consultation with us — get the first one for free! Contact us, and we will help to open modern communication channels, provide expert development solutions and bring innovation to your educational business.

How To Make A Cool App Like Uber — Professional Tips

Tips & Hints: How to Create an App Like Uber in 2021

Big city life is impossible to imagine without rideshare services like Uber. You have probably already heard about it as it has got a real triumph by giving an opportunity for efficient and low-cost rides. Before 2019, the company accumulated more than $10 billion and was placed in second place for innovation, beaten only by SpaceX. The tremendous successes of the company resulted in similar new apps that keep cropping up. Many entrepreneurs start wondering how to make an app just like Uber. Moreover, launch it with big success in local markets.

Today we are going to guide you through the whole process of building an Uber-like app. Also, we’ll share useful tips and advice on strategy, development and launching processes. Learn how you can benefit from the use of the sharing economy in the company’s business model. For this, we suggest you keep on reading and explore the ways of not creating a clone but instead another popular app.

What Should You Know About the Uber App?

Before we talk about the more technical side and go into detail on developing an app, we want to show you the scale of Uber. It is currently available in 84 countries, over 800 cities both for iOS and Android users. It provides a round-the-clock on-demand connection between drivers and people that need a ride through a special app. Many have chosen this taxi application because of its smooth interaction with users, great marketing, and rare error reports. The service provides various levels based on their availability. Users can enjoy Uber versions:

  • X — Cost-efficient and the most popular option.
  • BLACK — nice ride on a chic car.
  • LUX — the prime option.
  • SUV — when you need a big car.

As you see, the company divided its core service — ridesharing — into several smaller niches in order to tailor its services to customer needs, which is quite a smart move. Uber has a 5-steps system, which is important to know to understand the primary functioning:

  • Request — A person that wants a ride creates a trip request via the app with an expected end destination. Also, he or she can see the upfront pricing of a future fare.
  • Finding a Driver — Available drivers in the nearby region receive a request. They may either accept or reject the ride. If one rejects, the other chauffeur gets an offer.
  • Tracking — The user can see how far the designated driver is and know when the taxi is going to arrive.
  • Paying for the Ride — It is cashless and done automatically in-app when the ride is complete.
  • Rating — One of the core and very important components of the app, which enhances its reliability.

Recreating the Functionality of Uber in Your App

If you are considering building your own Uber app, or a similar taxi booking app, you will need to develop a couple of them. The original platform consists of two apps — for drivers or passengers — dependent and a special panel for administration and managing. The first two are needed for rides booking, and the admin panel is used for monitoring the platform’s work. Let’s explore what features are essential to creating each dedicated app. Explore them to see what you want to use in your future development process.

Part 1: How to make an app for passengers?

Each part of the service is essential, but the passenger app is the one that is most widely-used and therefore requires more attention. Here are the core features of it:

  1. Sign up — can be done via email, social media or phone number.
  2. Booking a Ride — passenger enters his location and picks a car type.
  3. Ride-cost calculator — a handy feature that allows the user to estimate the fare beforehand.
  4. Car Tracking — passengers can see where the car is at the moment.
  5. Payment — usually, such apps are integrated with several payment variants. Passengers can pay in-app with credit/debit cards, PayPal, or choose to pay in cash.
  6. Instant Notifications — providing information is a crucial element for such apps. It keeps passengers aware of everything concerning their trip.
  7. Messaging — a feature that makes passenger-driver contact possible.
  8. Rating/Review — user feedback on chauffeur skills, car, general experience, etc.
  9. Ride history — shows all previous rides and payments.
  10. Customer Support — round-the-clock support for helping users with any issues using the app.

It may also have some advanced features like a pickup location, later ride, cancellation, split payment, interactive map, book for other people, waiting list, voice recognition, gamification, discounts, or even an emergency button. Adding advanced features from the very beginning is optional, but you always need to plan ahead and leave room for future growth.

Part 2: How to make an app for drivers?

Partly the features of such apps are similar to the passenger’s one. There should also be sign-up, texting, notifications, ratings, and user support. But also it has some unique features. We gathered a full list of features for developing a driver’s platform:

  • Profile — each chauffeur must undergo a confirmation process. It includes license checks, providing car insurance, etc.)
  • Status — shows if the driver is available.
  • Alerts — feature to get orders and accept or deny them. Alerts usually include the pickup location, possible routes and history of previous rides.
  • Notifications — used in alerts, but also for any changes, cancellations and completion of a ride.
  • Navigation — optimization of the route using Google Maps help.
  • Daily/Monthly Reports — a feature that provides trip statistics and charts for earnings.

The platform may also be integrated with advanced features like chauffeur destinations, waiting time, demand maps, forward dispatch, and quest earnings. Those options are a great way to advance your app if you already have started the development process.

Admin Panel: What should you know about it?

The administration panel is essential for monitoring communication between passengers and drivers. Here we gathered all services that an admin panel must offer:

  • Management of passenger-chauffeur interaction
  • Passenger/Driver Support
  • Feedback of users
  • Management of booking, notifications
  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • Management of discounts, loyalty systems, promotions
  • FAQ section
  • Managing content

A well-developed admin panel is a guarantee of smooth management, timely reports and getting all the stats you need timely. Also, it is a great way to automate business processes and avoid any human factor errors.

Technologies Required for Building an App Like Uber

Knowing the functionality is great, but it is essential to understand what technologies are required to make a top rides service. To help you be prepared, we created a list of the main ones and a short explanation of their work.


Maps and navigation are the core of rides booking services, and they are only possible due to geolocation. Therefore, it is one of the key techs that is used in such apps. It provides:

  1. Current location identification: For iOS — CoreLocation framework, for Android — Google’s location APIs.
  2. Directions for best routing possible through: For iOS — MapKit, for Android — Google Maps Android API.
  3. Integration of maps — in-app mapping using Google maps for both iOS and Android. But you can also choose other mapping software that you like for your application.

Integration of Payment Gateway

It is a significant function in Uber service. Cashless payment is the best way to worry about human factors later on. However, you must comply with specific policies for dealing with such sensitive data to integrate the payment systems successfully. For example, it is important to adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI) in the United States. Each countries’ policies can be slightly different, so check them before proceeding with development.

To integrate payment gateway, you can use Braintree, as used in the original Uber, or Stripe, used in one of the company’s biggest competitors — Lyft. Also, you should consider PayPal SDK, Google Wallet and Apple pay to provide a variety of payment options.

Notifications & Messaging

Having reliable communication methods between chauffeurs and riders is vital for any taxi online service’s smooth work. User communication in the app begins with sending a ride request and finishes after leaving a review. But a lot goes in between, and it requires special technologies. To add push notifications, you should use Apple Push Notifications Service and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), depending on your developing platform.

Using a BaaS (Backend as a Service) will be very handy and simplify geolocation and notifications. These two features are already pre-built on BaaS platforms, and it will save you time and engineering hours. Besides, SMS service is also very important, as push ones can be missed if the device has no Internet connection or is out of service. SMS will inform the user if the text comes through or not. For that, Twilio, Nexto, Plivo, Sinch come in handy.

Tips & Hints on Making an App Like Uber

Developing an exact clone is logically not a great tactic, and it won’t lead to the same amount of success. First of all, consider what your goal is, whether you want to build a similar app for ridesharing, or you want to borrow the business model and make something for a different niche. Besides, its API is actually opened, which means that it can be applied almost anywhere.

What development approach should you have?

The best technical way of developing similar software is the native approach. Thus, you should build apps for iOS and Android separately. It is also great to do research on the current market, and let’s say develop for iOS first and then convert your online rideshare service to Android.

Design recommendations

The technical side is not the only thing to consider. It is really important to make your platform user-friendly for comfort and give it an attractive design for an eye-catching effect. This is where the UX and UI design must be well thought-through. Here are some general design recommendations:

  • Smooth and user-friendly
  • Intuitive use within all phases of the ride-booking
  • Eye-catching visual effect

General recommendations

Here is a 7-step plan that will help you to develop an app similar to Uber successfully:

  1. Make a business plan based on the current market situation for your niche.
  2. Define the target audience.
  3. Make a list of your unique selling points.
  4. Decide if you want to develop for a particular platform first or you want to do that for both platforms simultaneously.
  5. Plan all the functionality and room for advancement in the future. Your app should be scalable.
  6. Hire skilled developers that have expertise and experience in needed fields. OmiSoft — could be our highly cost-efficient option.
  7. Learn from the user feedback to make your product better to see where there are any weak spots or where you can advance your game. This will ensure long-term success for your online service.

What are Revenue Streams?

The revenue model of your future app should definitely be embedded within your development beforehand. Uber’s revenue streams are coming from being a mediator between chauffeurs and passengers. But depending on your objectives, your model can be different. Uber’s model is based on surge pricing, and profit comes from base fare, cost per mile, charge per minute, and booking fee. Surge pricing means that the fare may change depending on various factors such as traffic situation, availability of drivers in the region, holidays, etc.


Uber became so popular and successful because, at the time, there were no other similar companies in the market. And today, taxi apps are quite common, making it harder for new businesses to climb on top. But harder doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Innovative ideas and professional development can always help your online service to succeed. Have a strong plan, invest in high-quality development, ensure that you are building something unique and useful. That will be a guarantee of popularity.

Are you looking for professional developers to build an app like Uber? OmiSoft team of experienced and skilled developers and designers are ready to help your project succeed. Custom solutions, advanced technologies, and out-of-box thinking to help your brand become a leader in its niche.

OmiSoft — Top mobile apps & web development in Ukraine by Clutch

We are proud of being ranked the top web developers in Ukraine by Clutch!

Such a high ranking is only proof of the right philosophy of our company. We believe that being a leading development partner means taking responsibility, providing expertise that results in project success. With OmiSoft high-performance team, we are always committed to providing high-quality services and the best development solutions for each niche. Also, we strive for fluid communication and a top full-cycle experience from negotiation to the launch of the final product for our clients.

Achieving our goals and understanding that Omisoft is working in the right direction is vital for us. This is why we are so excited to have a perfect score on Clutch and be named one of the top software developers in 2021.

What is Clutch?

Clutch is one of the biggest B2B market research companies that use a unique ranking method to compare the world’s leading service companies. It helps to make data-driven decisions for businesses and find top services and solutions across industries.

With Clutch you get:

  • Verified Reviews—Unbiased opinions of Clutch analysts.
  • Data-Driven Content—Fresh industry trends and insights from thought leaders.
  • Leaders Matrix—Allows you to see companies compare in a specific market.
  • Detailed info about each development company (services, fields of expertise, industry focus)
  • Real client reviews

OmiSoft Scored 5 Stars—How?

Getting a perfect score is not a piece of cake. Clutch’s rating is based on multiple factors that make a comprehensive review of the company before giving the score. Clutch checked:

  • OmiSoft ability to meet deadlines
  • Our quality products and services
  • OmiSoft competitive pricing structure
  • Most importantly — Clutch values ​​customer feedback.

Here in OmiSoft, we are proud of maintaining perfect 5 stars score on Clutch!

Some OmiSoft’s 5-star client reviews on Clutch

  • “They are results-driven, and they understand the pain points of startups.”—Co-Founder, We Are Day One
  • “Their developers were engaged in our project and came to us with ideas to improve the technical part of the project.”—Co-Founder & CTO, Glucose Monitoring Startup
  • “OmiSoft has strong experience with educational projects. This helped us a lot in product design.”—Oksana Kominko, Marketing Coordinator, Cooking Course Company.

The most important thing to know about any digital development is to become successful you’ll need to harness the power of outsourcing. Choosing a leading development partner as OmiSoft can not only cut project costs but provide better solutions.

Interested in learning how OmiSoft can innovate your business with innovative solutions tailored to you? Contact us now!